1. arboristBlairGlenn

    I’ve got a new toy. Check out my vid on the big splitter attached to my
    Bobcat! That sucker really splits fast!

  2. Well I know what my father-in-law is getting for Christmas!

  3. its a Great trick! Aint pretty but I’d use it

  4. good idea,if you don’t have a log splitter..

  5. Meanwhile back on earth……North Korea tests a nuke to burn all your

  6. makes me tired just watching

  7. It’s good for you!

  8. Thanks

  9. your axe in this video looks really messed up lol?

  10. i like if u miss u don’t mess it up… then he just drops it on asphalt at
    the end. hell yeah!! lmao

  11. Does it have to be a Bridgestone tire and was it steel belted or glass

  12. That’s a very handy tip if you have logs that will fit nicely inside the
    round of the tire.

  13. Albert Einstein of the Deep South.

  14. That’s as cool as a cucumber. thank you for sharing!

  15. 2010V6RAV4 Try it, you will like it!

  16. gotta love the internet for schmidt like this.

  17. Robert Huttle sometimes simple is best

  18. hahahahahaha. That was good bro

  19. so simple can’t believe I never thought of doing it myself,thanks for

  20. 😂

  21. or you can move to the tropics and never split wood again !

  22. thanks for posting I will do this

  23. And if you get a few different size tires, you can more efficiently split
    different size logs. Splitting an 8″ or 10″ diameter log inside an 18″ tire
    doesn’t work out quite so well.

  24. arboristBlairGlenn comedy

  25. I’m gonna retire from this tire video cause I’m just too tired, har har har

  26. Just screw the tyre to a big chopping block and you don’t have to bend over
    at all! Good luck.

  27. Beautiful!

  28. Simple but effective. Thanks a ton. Love it

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