This Clever Caddy Will Help Organize Your Workshop

This combination paint brush and rag storage caddy will help you organize your workshop and keep these finishing supplies dust-free. Full article and free plans:

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  1. 4:30 Masonite?? Ah c’mon now we all know that you meant “”DRYWALL.””

    Attention future people that read this comment please note that I am making
    a joke based on the video that he made about Lumber Yard employees.

  2. You should have said the hole was for dust extraction — that would have
    more than a few people scratching their heads…. lol

  3. That is some bright colored paint Steve, even for you. :)

  4. “I’ll take this one for a test drive” – I do that again again!

  5. dear steve
    who do you want to win the Superbowl this year seahwakes or patriots

  6. +Steve Ramsey You still seem a little bitter about that ordeal.

  7. I like the project but not too sure about the paint color.

  8. Critical Eats Japan

    Yeah —that’s exactly what I was thinking but wasn’t sure how to tactfully
    mention it. Haha, he does tend to use some interesting colours on a lot of
    his projects…

  9. +39gadget +Steve Ramsey I was actually going to make a coment about
    Masonite +39gadget beat me too it 🙁

  10. half way through it reminded me of the cajon you made.

  11. +Steve Ramsey All the masonite we used in sings had a coating of white,hard
    plastic on at lest one side. more artsy vids please

  12. +eric karlsen

  13. Warren Downes - One Wood

    Thanks for letting me join the HGMM team looking forward to lots of videos.

  14. I know my grandfather used to just get the cheap buckets of paints that
    were mixed incorrectly at the hardware stores because they sold them for so
    much cheaper.

    Maybe he does that, don’t know though.

  15. You used that colour on another project. Toy box? 

  16. Oh my god that box looks so delicious I wanna eat it

  17. Backyard Woodworking

    I like it Steve put a french cleat on the back hang it on the wall.

  18. Good idea, Steve. I might need one of those. Storing things that belong
    together together is pretty radical, but I like living on the edge. Is that
    bigger-on-the-inside-paint, too? Thanks for sharing!

  19. Steve Ramsey… heh… THOSE RAGS ARE FUCKING RAW!

  20. Another great video Steve. Seems as you like the whole organisation thing,
    how about a multi tape dispenser for masking tape etc? There’s surprisingly
    few videos on this. 

  21. Absolutely love your hilarious intros for MicroJig. Gets me every time!

  22. Great project idea.I think I will make one for hubby’s ‘grease’ clothes &
    hand cleansers. Thanks.

  23. I love what u do for guys like us man its great how there free plans love
    ur work man!

  24. +39gadget I love going into my local Home Despot and asking for gypsum
    board. It’s a petty amusement, but damned if it doesn’t make me laugh to
    watch their confusion.

  25. Good idea. Much cleaner than what I do. My process is to stick them in
    ziplock type bags and hang them on a peg board. Works for me but not as
    neat as this vid. Thumbs up Steve.

  26. I like that sanding spindle you have. Do you have a recent tour of your
    shop tools? Great job Steve…

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