There’s a trick for making all the drawers in this small-parts storage cabinet. .

Here's a fun shop project to help you organize small parts. At first glance, you may dread making all those little drawers. No worries: I've got an easy method that will let you chop them all up at once and ensure they are all exactly the same size. Free plans and more info:

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  1. What dado stack brand are you using?

  2. +Brian Sharplin It’s from Avenger:

  3. Steve, I went thru 5 pages of comments and only found one other person who suggested using a similar idea for making the dividers using a sled and the glued on stop. Were there any other suggestions? I am making a large version with plexi fronts to be able to see what’s in the bins. Any help would be much appreciated.

  4. I originally watched this video back in 2014 when you first published it. Watching it again today was like for the first time. And i watched it twice because I love how you made the 16 drawers. It just amazes me. I totally have to try that.

  5. All too hard, I’ll buy the plastic variety from a hardware store.

  6. since you were eyeballing the center cuts between the drawers you should find the smallest of the bunch and set your table saw to that width so you can the rest of the drawers through to get them all the same size

  7. sebastiano gargiulo

    as you call pleasure the program that you use to build things would also like to me so I we calculate the measures that I always wrong so I can see how it works and a fly got the program can do so many things so tells me piece by piece muisure when I have to cut and thickness that I have to buy thank you very much .. you say you give me the multilayer tips?

  8. This is exactly what I really need 😂

  9. A

  10. maybe woodworking is not for you

  11. I’m an excellent woodworker of many years experience. I also know where/how to prioritise my time and skills. Interesting video though.

  12. Fair enough. I can see how this looks too hard for your average hobbyist. Cheers.

  13. You gave me a good lol there.

  14. Can you tell me what are the saw blades called you used at the beginning of the video please and can you get them for a 10″ table saw. Thank you in advance

  15. I’m after making a multi draw box for my pole float winders (fishing). Do you have plans for making one please.

  16. sometimes you don’t find what you’re looking for. I needed a few with different size compartments and using this idea I made all the sizes I needed and I don’t have to worry about how to squeeze what where.

  17. It is the joy of making it and not wanting to learn how to build it and have a smile on your face every time you look at it.

  18. The blade he was using to cut the dado/slots and rabbets on the drawer at the start is a dado blade. Whether or not you can use them depends on your saw. The saw needs to have a long enough arbor and enough power. If it’s a relatively new saw, you should find that information in the manual.

    The typical 10″ saw can’t use a 10″ dado set, though. You’ll find they come in smaller sizes, usually 6″ or 8″. This is fine, considering you don’t usually take a deep cut with them.

    Decent dado blade sets are fairly expensive compared to regular blades. You can find somewhat cheap ones at home depot starting at $50 to $100, but don’t expect a whole lot from them in terms of resharpening etc.

    Finally, depending on the insert your saw currently has, you may need a new blade insert that can handle the wide blade. You can make those yourself or buy blanks.

  19. Hey, This is a helpful video here. The most complete woodworking projects that I have ever used was Toms Magic Wood (just google it). Without a doubt it contains the most useful woodworking projects that I have ever tried.

  20. Thank you Pete i shall have a look. Is there anything special about the length of spindle to manage a dado blade do you know Pete.

  21. It just needs an arbor shaft long enough to safely hold the dado blades: an additional 1/2″ to 3/4″ beyond the standard blade. Hard to saw without looking at the actual saw.

  22. I will check the shaft in the morning to see if it is long enough. Thank you Pete

  23. Siddhant Srivastava

    the color is really bad

  24. Probably the best idea to make these boxes without glueing each single one of them and the colour of ýour storage cabinet looks awesome.

  25. I’ve watched various videos on how people make these types of bins/drawers in bulk and yours by far was the smartest approach!

  26. too much for a beginner like myself

  27. That looks like fun

  28. Just found your channel via The Frugal Crafter. I’d love to see you design a special series to fit in the cubby holes (including the depth) of a Kallax unit.

  29. I miss hearing him say that he posts new videos every Friday 😩

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