The Woodpecker Ep 119 – Moveable Workbench – part 3

I'm still working on my new workbench. In part 3, I finish the base, make the top straight and fix it to the base.

Alain Vaillancourt 2016

Whiskey on the Mississippi – Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Updated: December 21, 2016 — 7:01 pm


  1. Looking fantastic Alain, neat trick with the string.

  2. Very nice bench. Glad you left in the errors, it helps my ego that I am not
    the only one that runs into these problems.

  3. This is the worst planned project among all the cool things you have built,
    what happened?

  4. you made some massive mistakes there, and its very good of you to show us.
    great video. this is going to be a really nice looking working platform

  5. Wordsnwood (Art Mulder)

    Middle of January?!?! Wow, you really work way ahead on video content.
    Great looking slab, and great workbench.

  6. Yes, I don’t expect the last thing I’ve finished to be up soon…. It’s
    still a lille bit less involved, only 19 hours of footage compare to 24 for
    this one, but I didn’t even started editing yet. But when it takes me, 2 to
    4 months to finish a project, I have to hold on my finished project,
    otherwise I’ll endup with month without nothing to show.

  7. January? Man you have a lot of projects on video, great work!

  8. Yes I do. I think I have 7 more fully edited. But If I post one each week
    I’ll end up having months without anything to show, so I spread them; an
    episode every 2 weeks.

  9. You have more discipline than me, to hold onto these videos for so long.
    Also, very, very well edited to pack in so much detail without making the
    video seem rushed.
    This bench looks like it will be around for several generations of
    craftsman to work at.

  10. Wow, I left the underside of my benchtop with scrub plane marks. Character
    you know :)

  11. Thank you. At least someone notice the work that goes into each of everyone
    of my videos. At the end of the next and last part I say I may hours of
    stuff I’ve recorded and how many clips I’ve imported to the project. I just
    wanted to show how much work goes into something like that.
    I’ve been using it for several month now and it became my go to bench, but
    I have to admit that if I need to pound something real hard I rather damage
    my old workbench 🙂
    Thanks again

  12. Absolument parfait.

  13. Alain – Thank you for sharing your great videos – you put in SO MUCH work
    into making this available to us. I love how you are not afraid to show
    where things go wrong, and how you try to solve things with creativity.
    Please continue sharing your wisdom with all of us and say hi to your ever
    helpful wife.

  14. Looking good, Alain!!! Can’t want to see it all finished!

  15. “The measure of a craftsman is how well he covers his mistakes”

  16. I sure hope you let Miss Rene know how much you appreciate her!!!

  17. Good work Maestro!

  18. Excellent…!

  19. Mcgyver's Wood Shop & Adventures

    I like the string trick also. Great video

  20. Phew, you made me tired just watching. Great job. Regards from Europe free

  21. Man you park a bus on that sucker. Very nice my friend.

  22. I like the fact that you committed to use left over materials,what a great

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