The Unplugged Woodshop – Hand Crafted Projects for the Home and Workshop.

FULL VIDEO TRAILER for my new book-
The Unplugged Woodshop- Hand crafted projects for the Home and Workshop.
Available through The Taunton Press in September 2013.
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  1. Ikjhz99- thanks for the comments and feedback. You’ll be happy to know that some ‘talkies’ are in the works!
    These ‘musical interludes’ are meant as companion pieces to my new book and not designed as stand alone, ‘how-to’ video’s.
    The new ‘spoken commentary’ video’s will be coming a little later in the year or early new year-(fingers crossed)
    thanks again for the feedback- much appreciated!

  2. Beautiful work

  3. Such a inspiration for patience in ones work. I would enjoy hanging out talking wood work and music with you. Gorgeous mood that you have. I appreciate it greatly. Thank you.

  4. Tom, I’m definitely buying this book. Quick quesiton. What type of handsaw should I use to re-saw wood. Do I need a bandsaw? I really do not want to buy one. Does the book show technique how to make all these rip cuts and re-saw cuts with handsaws??

  5. Chris W,
    thanks for the comments and questions. You got it- the book shows techniques and shop made tools specific for resawing. Do you need a bandsaw?
    Probably not; especially if you’re resawing small cabinet sized stock. If you’re planning on doing larger production type work then maybe a bandsaw will save you some time but custom work like the projects in my new book can all be made with only hand power!

  6. Will it be available in the uk?

  7. Russ,
    I’m sure it’ll find its way across the pond~ if not we’ll put one in a bottle and set it adrift for you!

  8. Just beautiful Tom, the two handed resaw is such a great idea!!!

  9. thanks JGF6237.
    It works really well .


  10. wish I’d seen this before I bought my cheap small bandsaw. Truly inspirational stuff. Unplugged rules!!

  11. Sensacional, sou um marcineiro. O trabalho era muito mais gratificante quando trabalhavamos desta maneira, como verdadeiros artesoes.

  12. Daniel Gonçalves

    Tremendamente inspirador. É um tipo de comunhão absurda entre a mente e o corpo que permite construir essas peças maravilhosas.

  13. Obrigado !

  14. Excelente , verdadeiro artista !

  15. Obrigado Paulo !

  16. Renato Soares Leitão

    Parabéns, verdadeiro artista das madeiras… excelente…!!!!

  17. Renato, obrigado !
    tudo de bom~

  18. Tom, this is some fantastic stuff that you are doing. Thank you for filming it for the world to enjoy.

    The background music; is this an original composition or some that I can buy? I tried to get the name with Soundhound and Shazam, but those apps did not recognize the piece.

  19. Hi Joe-
    thanks for the comments and question. The music is a piece I wrote specifically for these videos. If you’d like me to send you an mp3 of it, drop me an email and I’d be happy to share.
    you’ll find my contact info on my website-

    all the best~

  20. Great handwork I loved it I hope to see more like that great craftsman

  21. Thank you Tom, you truly are a great inspirer. I have learnt so much from your videos, not least to really enjoy the trip of making. It is funny how one first collect machinery worth thousands just to learn that the only machine needed is oneself.. Greetings from Finland

  22. +Mikke Holberg thanks Mikke!

  23. I’d like to be your neighbour 😉
    You ‘re great man, really great, and your concept even more.
    Thanx to share you knwoledge

  24. I just got your book Tom can’t wait to start reading it 😊

  25. Great to hear- hope you enjoy it and I hope these videos help!

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