The Rocking Chair

The Rocking Chair woodworking video is a funny, time lapse showing the construction of a rocking chair from the stump of a rotted out cherry tree. I use no power tools and primarily use traditional antique tools. I also highlight my super hero Thor powers! I hope you enjoy.
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  1. Amazing video. Chris, you’ve got huge talent and humor. Thanks!

  2. Right on “Pa Kettle” !!!

  3. “Pa Kettle” ​Chris…
    Where did you ever find all the great and timeless non electric tools and
    were they costly to purchase ?
    Awsome video and great tunes as well !!!
    Thanks “Pa Kettle”

  4. Jim Barry (WoodchuckCanuck)


  5. Pierre-Luc Arseneau

    This guy is inspirational, thanks +Jim Barry for sharing!

  6. Jim Barry (WoodchuckCanuck)

    +E ric I have no idea what you are talking about.

  7. Thanks Stuart. I will. 

  8. Aleksandar Todorovski

    You’ve got to be IDIOT to hit “unlike” button for this masterpiece.

  9. Homestead Heritage School of Woodworking

    Really enjoyed the video. Thanks Chris. Beautiful crafts really can be all
    done with traditional hand tools.

  10. Parwin Gillani- Klemm

    You are super! I am glad to have watched your video. Thanks.

  11. I can’t stop watching your videos! haha

    This project was made in a single day?

  12. +Chop With Chris Great job, Chris, but isn’t a lathe a power tool?

  13. Incredible work. Very nice post Dan. thanks

  14. Beautiful craftsmanship.

  15. Thanks

  16. Man I am enjoying the hell out of your work

  17. Glad you enjoy it. More to come.

  18. Wow I really liked that chair. Nice skills, well done man.

  19. +SoloAsh Thanks.

  20. BRIX ANDREI Sicat


  21. very nice work

  22. +Jaycee37 Thank you

  23. This video is great! You are truly an artist. I’ve never seen a planer like
    the one you used on the curve of the rockers. What is that called?

  24. +Thomas Zoggas Thank you. Compass Plane

  25. +Thomas Zoggas Thank you. Compass Plane

  26. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 nice job

  27. +MAJEED MARDAK Thanks

  28. Oh wow! Amazing! the rocking chair turn out quite a real nice piece of
    work/art. You’re awesome man!!

  29. +elton herrera Well thank you very much!

  30. Did you not notice it being foot powered? it rotates as you continually
    push down on a peddle

  31. not an electric tool, but a power tool nonetheless.

  32. Beautiful work!

  33. Thank you.

  34. I can appreciate the craftsmanship but one question…….Why do you choose
    not to use power tools??? Just a curiosity. What you build is awesome
    though. great work. A true Artisan. I’d like to get into working more with
    hand tools but I need to evolve my collection of hand tools first.

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