1. That just blew me away. Can’t image how much time you spent making this
    video. Excellent!

  2. amazing, your woodworking skills are only surpassed by your editing skills.
    Great job. Dewalt would be wise to endorse this. Kudos! BTW, be wary of
    offers to license this video from third party. You can handle any request
    that comes your way.

    David After Dentist Family.

  3. +Nathan Baker there are motorized sliders that can do it.

  4. hope my wife doesn’t see this… I’ll have to get fit, busy and skilled.

  5. +Nathan Baker It’s a commercial

  6. +booba1234 this video was made by DeWalt.

  7. +james hobbs lmfao

  8. +Nathan Baker I would say you just take the whole time frame from one angle
    and pan across that screen via a computer

  9. +Nathan Baker Lots of Help from the Dewalt company of course. The ads are

  10. +ellisonc152 while that works, you don’t get the parallax that you see in
    this video. You need a slider.

  11. Nice little hyper lapse/stop motion action going on in this!! I love it!! I
    normally don’t comment on these but this is fantastic!!

  12. I wish I could give more than 1 thumbsup! Those stopmotion animation during
    the building process really got me! Awesome video! How comes u have less
    than 10k subscribers?! Instant subscribing 🙂 Keep going with this
    outstanding and elaborate work and you’ll hit 100k soon

  13. Thanks so much! Spread the word!

  14. Frontierless Craftsman

    Well done , a lot of work reclaiming prepping installing and editing!

  15. That was really cool. Great stop motion.

  16. Good video. Your stop motion animation skills are on point.

  17. what kind of scooter is that??? we need a video featuring that!

  18. That was so freakin cool! That video must have taken you forever to make!

  19. One of the coolest woodworking vídeos i’ve ever seen. Keep on playing, man!.

    Greetings from Spain!

  20. WOW!!! Just an amazing video and such a cool large work space. Thanks for
    sharing. Wicked Video!!!!

  21. Love this!!! Living breathing recycled wood that builds itself topped with
    Smashing Pumpkins! Fantasia meets green DIY project for all. : )

  22. I’m subscribing. Please don’t disappoint me….

  23. Michael Roberts haha! I’ll do my best not to sir.

  24. you have good taste in music :)

  25. NOW this IS Art! This is a GREAT Video, I make things from Pallets and I
    always wanted to Build my own little woodshop out of just pallets! AND NOW
    you have inspired me to do just that, well. A soon as I can find some land
    to move to, But now I can stock up on well STOCK! lol Thanks for a GREAT
    Video! Subscribing !!

  26. Your lil boy is adorable too!

  27. Id live in this place!! LOL

  28. I love stop motions and this one is just AWESOME!!!

  29. I love this video… I cannot imagine how long it took to do all the images
    for the animation… Really cool though.

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