The Priceless Gift

The Priceless Gift woodworking video is a time lapse of my construction of a dining room table for my wife for our 20th wedding anniversary. I used only hand tools, no power tools. The wood is rough sawn walnut and chestnut barn wood. This is the entertainment version and the detailed education version is called "How To Make A Table (The Priceless Gift)". The presentation to my wife at the end of the video was unforgettable – Priceless!
I hope you enjoy.
See the Detailed "How To Build A Table" version:

The song is: mozart sonate opus kv 331 rondo


  1. Actually there is a price. There is a similar one on Ebay for about 3200
    bucks so everyone relax.

  2. Chris, Apologies if you’ve answered my question in another post, but what
    stain do you use/recommend? Thanks!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE the sound effects!!!! I laughed and laughed.

  4. 4:09: “Thank you Christ for the table”. Hm. She haven’t realise that it was
    her husband that built it with love to her. Jesus didn’t built it for her

  5. Pernilla Svensson

    God made her husband … 😉
    God is Love..

  6. She said, “Thank you Chris, for the table.” The guy’s name is Chris.

  7. +k00k Yea. I heard it now. Damn! Haha xD

  8. Alastair Keith-Lucas

    +Erik Edgren It’s an honest mistake, Christ was a carpenter, too.

  9. +Alastair Keith-Lucas Yepp 🙂 Not to being rude or something, but how do
    you know that?

  10. Chris. did a wonderful job…I love wood…and you did the darn
    thing! Thank you and your wife for sharing. …

  11. 4489484x like for you! Amazing!

  12. I saw this somewhere on my facebook. I couldn’t backtrack to it. I finally
    found it it on YT. I wish I could maintain a pace like that.

  13. I can’t wait until I start doing this myself, great job Chris 

  14. I constructed a mini table and a chair in school as part of my sculpture
    module. Of cos not sturdy and beautiful like yours. Just that I enjoyed
    making things. Im loving your dedication and gifted workmanship.

  15. Two hands, two gold mines !
    Respect !

  16. Thanks!!

  17. Amazing gift

  18. Tell me … The small wooden parts that you put at the end of the project
    is to secure everything?

  19. Я этого не понимаю ,но если столько людей посмотрело значит это ,что то

  20. Chop With Chris

    +mywaleri Так что многие его смотреть , потому что я сделал стол без
    обучения и использовал только мои руки , и она жила со стола.

  21. +Chop With Chris
    Получить любой заказ ,это подарок судьбы.Многие просто не понимают ,когда
    есть потенциал и он в одночасье никому не нужен.Таких и подобных столов я
    могу придумать и изготовить ,но жаль никому это не нужно.Живу в такой среде
    и не понимаю ,что ценится в этом обществе и чем люди зарабатывают.

  22. Chris I am also from the South Bend area, I would like to do a story on
    you, please get in touch with me, at

  23. I love the noise of wood carving and stuff sped up

  24. +Toby v1.6 Fits well with the music and motion I think.

  25. +Chop With Chris yeah, it does

  26. I can do that! Stupid look on my face.

  27. +arod Watch the How To version. If I can do it anyone can.

  28. thats very cool dude👍👌

  29. +Gabriel Morales Thank you.

  30. This is easy. In my next life with Gods help

  31. 🙂

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