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The Portable Moravian Workbench at The Woodwright’s School

Watch how Will Myers assembles this sturdy and portable workbench in under 1 minute! See photos and how to build the Moravian Workbench here:

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  1. Well, its portable (nice).. how is the top held down?
    Looking forward to picking this vid up…

  2. I have this exact bench. I decided on it due to leaving right next to Old Salem. It is very nice. I really like the tool tray. It’s also nice that if I want to take it somewhere I can just take it apart and throw it in the truck.

  3. I also built this bench after reading Mr. Myers’ article on it.  Unfortunately, something is wrong with the leg vise, it doesn’t close square with the bench top.  I think its because I didn’t incorporate any of the screw into the leg.  I used a metal screw instead of a wooden screw, so I didn’t have a large nut on the back of the vise. 

  4. +Patrick Stauffer The DVD will be much clearer than the article. It’s tough to give enough detail in an online article. Glad you built one! Feel free to send me photos and I’ll put it on the website.

  5. +ASliceofWoodWorkshop Very cool! Send a photo and I’ll post it on my website!

  6. Amazing workbench

  7. +wranglerstar check this out buddy.  Beautiful portable bench

  8. +Wood and Shop I will…..after it gets cleaned off 😎

  9. +Wood and Shop
    no doubt, I did a laminated bench top and where I chose to put the vise, there was a knot, which, when combined with having no support from the leg, caused the front edge of the bench to start splitting.  Simple solution is to flip the bench top around and make a new mortise, this time, making sure the back of the vise, bench top and front left leg are an integral piece when assembled.

  10. +Tim Knaack I’m glad you liked watching Tim!

  11. Dang!  I like this!  I’m ready to build my 1st real bench. I had thought I was going to build a roubo, gut this one might be easier to build and all I need.

  12. Uma linda madeira, chamamos aqui no Brasil de pinho de riga, muito linda esta bancada, e muito  pratica também.

  13. Yup, the DVD will be out next month I believe. It’ll be very detailed, so it should be very simple to follow along!

  14. Thanks for watching!

  15. +Wood and Shop Hmmm?  I guess I’ll start stocking up on lumber, give it time to dry acclimate.

  16. I went to the link for the workbench, as it looks excellent and the page states that it is not available, I went on the page a few days ago and it said the same thing! I want to build a workbench myself and this looks like an excellent design, when could I expect the site or page to be up again! (I’ve tried it on multiple browsers and computers to no avail!)

  17. +stuart w Stuart, so sorry! Is this the link that you tried? http://woodandshop.com/the-portable-moravian-workbench-at-the-woodwrights-school/

  18. +Wood and Shop Thanks, it seems to be working now very strange, must have been a blocked pipe somewhere, or something wrong with my terminal on that day.

  19. Marcelo Iván Rojas Hernández


  20. +Wood and Shop Joshua, do you know if step by step plans are included with the dvd? Or, if not do you know where I might get my hands on some? I’m less a video watcher and more a step-by-stepper :^) Thanks man. Keep all the great content coming!

  21. +Justin Henriksen We have some free plans, but nothing “step-by-step”. Here are the plans: http://woodandshop.com/moravianworkbench/

    The video is actually step-by-step and shows all the hand tool techniques that plans wouldn’t convey.

  22. +Wood and Shop Awesome, man! Thanks so much for the great resources. I’m very impressed with your attention to detail on the website (I’m a UI Designer by [day] trade). Keep grinding man! Best, – Justin

  23. +Justin Henriksen Thanks Justin! Yeah, I used to do UI also, so I’m obsessed with finding ways to improve the user’s experience.

  24. It seems to be a trend in our industry — moving from a digital medium to a physical hands-on one. Thanks for the convo. Take care.

  25. tolle sache!

  26. How/where can I get plans/materIal list etc. for the Moravian Portable Workbench ? Rdg0430@yahoo.com. Thanks

  27. This is a good idea, cool video. Oh, before I forget, go to Hyezmar’s website, there you can find out if he’s stull giving away his woodworking plans…

  28. Get off the bench so we can see it all

  29. This is wonderful and inspiring. It reminds me of a milkman’s workbench with legs, a leg vice, and a tool tray added. I thick I want to build something similar to this.

  30. mind blown…

  31. Is there a reason you angled the legs as opposed to keeping them straight? For strength? or just like that design better?

  32. I am pretty much limited to easily movable/knock down fixtures and furniture due to living in an apartment for now. This looks like a good alternative to the roubo style workbench. How well does it stand up to small projects, that is boxes, frames, and smaller furniture?

    It looks simple and visually appealing thank you for sharing.

  33. So if I put a large weight on either end of the top will the top come loose and flip in the air because the dowel pins came loose in the holes?

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