The Most Modern CNC Machines In The World

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  1. Ok what machine is it?

  2. total cnc porn

  3. how many axis this machine works

  4. what material is that?? that tools cut this like butter!!! is it 1020??

  5. Why is it so expensive to make an extrusion aluminium mold? I was quoted
    like 20 grand. I only want a special shaped guitar pick mold

  6. Amazing tool ..

  7. As a retired machinist of 40 years it is both a joy and a sadness to see
    the advancements we have made in the machining world. I entered that world
    at the end of one era and at the beginning of another. I finished as a
    machining center programmer and technology just passed me by. The old
    skills are all but dead. Everything is software driven now. All the
    programming goes to the most talented and educated and the operator is just
    an automaton. Such a shame that individual thinking is no longer needed or
    encouraged in the field. Of course we can do things now that were unheard
    of 20 years ago. The software is incredible now.

  8. They would say because it requires expensive equipment and extensive
    knowledge, but as a former mold maker I’d say it’s probably just because
    they can. (Assuming you’re talking about a small mold with few cavities.)
    Like everything else, there’s a few crooked corporate thugs who share a
    monopolistic stranglehold on the entire industry, and they know it’s
    unlikely that you’re willing or able to make it yourself without them.
    Personally, I would either do some research and make it myself or find a
    mold maker (an actual worker) who wants a little side job. Good luck!

  9. *>>There is a great guide on how you can build a diy cnc machine using any
    router and pc or laptop on>>>[ *

  10. yes , it is aluminium + with these high speed milling machines its just
    insane how easy it looks

  11. imagine having one of these at home

  12. DAVID Forgeferrugem

    oi poste o nome da musica grato…

  13. you should see whats coming out with bio 3D printers. they are working on a
    way to print new organs, make leather, and even food ( particularly meat,
    without having to kill animals )

  14. what a fucked up video


  16. Did it make some sort of turbine for a pump or something?

  17. TheOnlyInformant think it was just kind of a show piece to show off its
    precision and quality.

  18. That helmet is amazing, a work of art.

  19. Is there anything this machine can’t do?

  20. 240…you live in Senegal?

  21. Big Mofo make a brew?

  22. Michael Caliri dmg

  23. அடேங்கப்பா (If you amazed then shout in mother tang)

  24. the way the chips turn blue/colors suggest that it is a mild steel on the
    first part but aluminum for the last!

  25. all the axes!

  26. instant death collision helmet. lmao…

  27. Amazing machines, cnc has come a long way since the 80’s.

  28. 240p in 2016??

  29. Hi, personally i think it depend on what you work for. If you work for
    prototypes on the industry, as a mechanics, you will still use your hands.
    I use to work for decolletage (With CNC machining), and tolerances were so
    tight, sometimes +- 3umm and it could be worst. When you are against that,
    a diploma as I got in a good school in Switzerland cant make the
    difference, you will have too learn again. What changed my life with CNC is
    that i saw that my skills were not developped enough for the job (I’m young
    and need experience also). But just imagine when you work with very tight
    tolerances, you cant really see how the matter works, so when you have
    problems you have 2 options : 1 you ask someone experimented which can see
    clearly the problem or if nobody know, you have to suppose what is the
    problem. Such an intersting work.

    What Im not totally agreeing with you is that it depend what is the asked
    quality, because in that job you can offen see, a bad manual mecanics guy
    is offen a bad CNC mechanics. So i’m k for saying there are technics which
    disappear, but there is also new incredibles innovations which need a lot
    of experience and know-how.

  30. You should consider yourself a skilled part of history. Without people like
    you the software could never have been written and the hardware not
    developed to be able to progress and improve the accuracy and quality of
    the machines and parts. The classic skills will die absolutely, but 3D
    printing will also consign the CNC machine to history, and I am sure that
    3D printing will one day also be superseded. You played a part bigger than
    you think, and not having the skill to keep up with the software puts you
    in the same category as 99% of the population. It is a completely different
    skill set to the one you spent 40 years mastering, and trust me when I say
    that the next generation will spend 40 years mastering software.

  31. Your skill set is not obsolete. It doesn’t matter how great your software
    is, you still need to be a machinist. You have to understand why that tool
    is chattering, or why you can’t hold a speed/feed/doc to what the software
    says. I entered the machining world when mastercam hadnt even introduced
    the X series. I knew how to program both with CAM and long hand, but I
    still needed 5 years under my belt to even begin to feel confident in my
    skill set. Its real, old school machinists that taught me how to be a
    respectable machinist. So I have the utmost respect for you and your
    contributions to this industry. It wouldn’t be what it is today if you guys
    hadn’t been pushing the envelope.

  32. InsertEvilLaugh
    I was thinking it could be the part that holds the props for a small
    airplane. Or not.

  33. programming with this kind of machine can cause migraine hhhehhee

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