The Making of Wood Carved Rattlesnake Walking Cane #43

In this video I demonstrate how I go about making a rattlesnake wraped walking cane from one piece of pine. For more information feel free to contact me on my shop,

Music by Audionautix

Plantation by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( )

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Diamond Back Breaks by Shiny Dime Music ASCAP


  1. Wood carving Bob Ross

  2. Of course there is just a deer right there. This guys living in a disney

  3. Not a disney movie…just in the country..deer did this a lot at my house
    when i lived in the woods (i live in West Virginia)

  4. +Pam Hankins he just moved all the hair from his head to his chin

  5. You could’ve sold that for easily over 100 dollars.

  6. I live in a city and we got deers in our parks. And there are no fences so
    they could leave if they wanted.

  7. +C21H30O2 Again, easily over one hundred dollars.

  8. MesserAaron13 I lived in Huntington Wv west end not to far from the old
    Camden park. beautiful state.

  9. Seahawk.Customs.Pc I live in the eastern panhandle lol Bunker Hill

  10. i feel good and bad because i feel like this is me when 85 years old

  11. seen works such as his in Kanas by a Man , going for well over $1,000 and
    worth every penny of it , maybe one out of twenty million can attempt to
    carve that good .

  12. I hear hillary need a cane.

  13. beautiful

  14. I like to spend a day to learn a lot with this gentleman… Amazing very
    talented…. Should be honored

  15. Sooooooo cool

  16. Why would you dislike this video

  17. holy crap……..

  18. How awesome is this guy’s life. I’m sooooo envious.

  19. Anti-Awesome city-folk

  20. OMFG!!! sooooooo F**KING amazing!!!! one of the best piece of art!!!! I
    actually would pay BUCKS for that CANE!!! And the fact that it has my
    favorite rattlesnake on it the western diamondback rattlesnake!!!! I love
    snakes!! and the fact I have snakes, I WANT

  21. when I clicked the video I thought the snake was real!

  22. Barry Sabahat the most peaceful life ever.

  23. this guy’s life is so peaceful meanwhile I’m in the city focusing on not
    getting shot

  24. Aj Vybz Awesome-phobic people

  25. If he said $5,000.00 I would not think it unreasonable. It is artwork. Very
    impressive artwork.

  26. His Made In China competition

  27. facinating!

  28. Amazing…

  29. +Kim Cornell *slow clap* well said

  30. The Sweet Science Trump’s gonna win

  31. Jack Smit all we can do is talk sense to everyone we can and vote. carry
    the conservative legacy. low taxes limited gvt and support for a self
    governing free people.

  32. roshawn seagull I would live outside in his yard in a tent and do all sorts
    of house chores for him if this guy would teach me what he knows

  33. AMAZING…to say the least

  34. The Sweet Science might wanna rethink yur comment on shrillary bein prez n
    all. she’ll be prez of cell block L. creepo. L for big fat Liar

  35. If some famous idiot can get millions for his horrible painting that some
    call “art”, than this is worth billions lmao

  36. +HyperJ Gaming Lol, so true.

  37. Yes I love it, the beauty, the peace and tranquility and the wildlife. In
    my opinion that’s living.

  38. lol I did too at first, he does exceptional work.

  39. it looks like theres a real snake wrapped around it it doesnt even look
    like wood

  40. yes sir, thats living indeed. we distanced ourselves from nature and
    started living in concrete boxes. modernism consumed us.

  41. Really tho its insane

  42. Amazing talent there.

  43. That’s beautiful

  44. Thank you!

  45. Thank you!

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