The Making Of A European Syle Pen From Our Garage Workshop

This is a short video showing me turning a European syle pen in our home workshop.
This is one of many we make to sell on at local craft fairs and on our web site ""
We never know what the pen is going to look like until the finish article and we are always pleasantly suprizes with the result.
Why not come and have a look


  1. acrylic blanks

  2. so is it the shorter one that you put the indentation in at 1:53? or is it
    the large one?

  3. what kind of acrylic is that?!!? its beautiful!

  4. JesusFuckingChrist84

    Wow, the polish really adds depth to the piece. I knew it would, but not to
    that extent. Acrylic has some interesting properties, it appears.

  5. Nice work all the best from john uk

  6. Nice work all the best john

  7. dude how do I buy one 

  8. where can I buy a good pen turning kit with all the tools needed?

  9. Bei Kit per penne e tutto il necessario lo puoi trovare su, il
    negozio e’ Affilastrumenti la mail si chiama
    Alfredo ed e’ cosi’ cortese che ti spiega tutto cio’ che ti serve per fare
    penne ed altre cose puoi anche scrivergli a mio nome (Paolo Funari)

  10. Search online or go to woodcraft. You might pay more at woodcraft than some
    other places, but getting to know the people at woodcraft is priceless
    because they can answer your questions and will be very helpful in getting
    started (that is if you haven’t already since your comment is 4 months

  11. that is so cool i want to do that so bad?

  12. I tried getting into your site but it wants a password.

  13. Holy wobbly lathe!

  14. Very beautiful. I have tried acrylic but it usually cracks or chips thereby
    ruining the blank. I will stick with wood. Your piece is well done.

  15. please ~~how to get the meaterial and how to made it .

  16. +cobaltace62 keep practicing
    You’ll get the hang of it!

  17. What are you using on your drill,press to press the pens?

  18. +Joan Busby I was wondering the same thing.

  19. Nice video but your hands are in the way during the assembly 😀 Can’t see
    what you’re doing….and that’s where my need is – seeing how it all goes
    together :D

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