1. My only question, how did you get the wood to break like that?

  2. Video editing.

  3. +Braeden Hamson you can see the two spots of glue, likely super glue, on
    the parted pieces of wood later in the video

  4. Do you think that box will have problems with movement? or is it small
    enough or something?

  5. +Nobody Uknow yes, I forgot to clean those up.
    I cheated, you know. It doesn’t really work 🙂

  6. +Sebastian Jones Might be ok. I don’t really care for that box.

  7. +Matthias Wandel but the magenta really brought out the glue on that one :[

  8. The video is very funny and well done, I am a big fan of your videos, keep
    at them and stay inventive.

  9. I don't want a channel I'm just commenting

    you got me. At first I thought you went off of the deep end. I almost
    didn’t make it far enough into the video to realize it was a joke

  10. I don't want a channel I'm just commenting

    +Jino Lim
    April fools was yesterday

  11. +I don’t want a channel I’m just commenting April fools was 4 hours ago …
    This vid was made on April Fools day..

  12. +Jino Lim Or maybe different timezones.
    Yes, I’m fun at pa-wait, I am not even invited to parties.

  13. Same when he did the breaks with the exacto knife, at first I was like WHAT

  14. 1:32 you smashed that pencil out of existance XD

  15. nice one! i especially liked the seamless editing!

  16. Step by step plans makes any project super easy!

  17. It actually teleported to the left below his arms XD

  18. Yeah I know what CA glue is — what’s your point?

  19. +paulbalegend
    you said ca glue is weak…
    but i guess it is kind of a pointless argument…

  20. the karate folk need your exacto knife!

  21. he’s a magician

  22. +Matthias Wandel you should beat the devil out of it 😛

  23. you could even say he beat the devil out of it XD

  24. I think someone was smoking some happy little trees when he made this :P

  25. I didn’t get it until the rabbit and was like…wtf!?!?

  26. I’m sold. Do the shows come on a “78 format”? My record player can hook up
    to my “view master”

  27. Simonas Mažeikis (ZetZet)

    It is weak, to impact.

  28. CA glue is super weak compared to almost every other type of glue! Have you
    ever done or seen any comparison testing?

  29. Indeed, especially weak against shock loads.

  30. This is a Bob Ross parody, right?

  31. That was *funny!*


  32. You had me at the rebate, I fell for the scoring and hitting method!

  33. I Sketchup, You can to

    Dude! You are INSANE!!! That was so funny,

  34. same 😛 even when he did the first rebate i was amazed but the seed of
    suspicion had been sown 😛

  35. Wow so cool

  36. damn, I lost it on the “just some sticks and rocks” line. Lol

  37. i want to see the sticks and rocks show.

  38. If I know him he will jump on it!!!

  39. Honestly I missed the exacto knife part, lol it took me all the way to the
    rebate part until I realized…

  40. Prefer to call them weeds…

  41. My rebates are not working! 😥😢

  42. you hit it so hard at 1:31 that it caused your pencil to vaporize! lol

  43. why cant it just be this easy?

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