THE HOBBY FARM. Workshop. Garden. Ice Fishing. UPDATE!

Hobby farm update video showing all the animals. Also a quick look at the workshop projects. Up coming Ice Fishing, Mudbuggin and this years garden 2016.


  1. Donald Crawford III

    I love in NY and the ponds and the lakes I fish on have 2 inches of ice. Going fishing in a couple days

  2. Donald Crawford III

    I live in Ny

  3. Thanks for the update

  4. I love your setup and videos. Thanks for sharing

  5. Mr Buck looks lonely.

  6. Went out ice fishing today with my 6 man quick set Eskimo and caught 3 nice trout today

  7. Excited for more rabbit action. Stay warm up there. Greetings from frozen Utah.

  8. Why do you leave your dogs outside

  9. MotherOfManyHorses

    Surprised to hear you lost your does. Any idea what did them in?  They weren’t more than 2 were they?

  10. JoeandZachSurvival

    +cody powers I never have dogs in the house. I never have.

  11. JoeandZachSurvival

    +MotherOfManyHorses Sara had to put the one down last winter when I was down in Louisiana. What I think happened is she somehow cut herself and it got infected. Sara said she wasnt looking good and she did not smell good. The other one died this summer. It was very hot for a few days and she was very over weight and I went out one day and she was laying there with all her legs sticking straight out and dead as a door nail. Im thinking the heat got her.

  12. JoeandZachSurvival

    +Mathew Walworth What state are you in?

  13. +JoeandZachSurvival I’ve been sharing my photos on your Facebook page.

  14. +JoeandZachSurvival I live in Beach North Dakota

  15. MotherOfManyHorses

    +JoeandZachSurvival Summer heat was the first thing that popped into my head.

  16. How do you like your Ryobi table saw? I’ve been looking at picking one up myself.

  17. Great video Joe, thank you for the update.

  18. Great update Joe. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Well Done

  20. I saw the auger in the back. You’re going to love Zachs new ice house. I have the Clam version of it. The best investment I have ever made for ice fishing. Look forward to your vids. Be safe Joe!

  21. Are the ducks able to drink out of the larger heated bucket? With the quail are you able to train them to lay in a specific area similar to chickens?

  22. Everything is looking great Joe. Your keeping busy, that’s for sure.
    Good luck fishing.

  23. JoeandZachSurvival

    +Life in Farmland All the previous years I have had quail, they just lay eggs wherever they please so I am not sure. The reason I do not have the larger buckets in that cage is because I thought the short ones would work just as awesome but they do not and that I dont think the ducks could reach that high up. What I should have done and will do next year is before the ground freezes I will dig the buckets into the ground and just leave 6 inches stick above. Thank you. Joe

  24. JoeandZachSurvival

    +Jeff Nordengren Hopefully this Sunday but the weather looks horrid. Cold but worse than that very windy. We will see what happens. Thanks Jeff. Joe

  25. +JoeandZachSurvival I told Zach to be extra careful with these ice huts. Cause if your not paying attention the wind will get right underneath it and take for a nice long ride. Ive seen it happen many times. You cannot help to chuckle a little when you see someone chasing it down. But you do feel bad at the same time. Cause that sucks. Have your drill and anchors ready to go. And you mentioned you were walking out. That would really really suck without the truck or a four wheeler to chase it down. Good luck and be safe. I hope this little pointer will help prepare you a bit.

  26. Great video! Keep em coming!

  27. If I have access to a store, I don’t think I could raise something in a cage just to kill it. You broke down and wimped out to give your old penned up dogs a heat lamp? How mighty nice of you. /s

  28. +JoeandZachSurvival when do you set crayfish traps

  29. You are kidding right? Where on Gods earth do you think the stuff from the store comes from. Homestead animals are treated much better than anything you will find at a grocery chain.

  30. +Jeremy Borey Read my comment again, slowly. Now look for the pronoun to understand meaning.

  31. Whatever, do I have to call in Dan Brown to decipher what the Hell you are talking about.

  32. +Jeremy Borey When I said I couldn’t raise something just to kill it, doesn’t mean I don’t eat meat or I don’t know where the food in the grocery store comes from. I’m thankful I don’t have to do it because I would get attached to the animal. I can avoid that by going to the grocery store.

  33. those water buckets need to be cleaned.

  34. Homesteading Ruthie

    everything looks great 🙂

  35. does this save you money or is the term hobby farm literal. thank you

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