1. Could you recommend a good water cooled option for this build? 🙂

  2. hahaha love this video, those damn fear mongers or you could say trolls

  3. Loved this one, too funny. Didn’t think it got that cold in California to warrant furnace be cranked up that high, you’re not anemic are you Steve?

  4. stephen dickinson

    Man that was a good one Steve.

  5. great video. 1st time commentor. long time watcher

  6. hahahahah i couldnt stop laughing

  7. ho ! i taught i was the only one to heat my house at 380

  8. You mad Bro? lol

  9. Candles in your Home Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo Lol only kidding : @ )

  10. Im Looking forward to your future products .

  11. Great Info I never thought it would burn

  12. I live in Canada. 380 degrees is the heat we use in the summer. Good for the sled dogs. Lol

  13. Don’t hold back Steve, let it all out… I really enjoy your work. I’m currently laid up after several surgeries and have been really missing woodworking. Watching all of your videos have really helped me to be encouraged to get well and get back to woodworking. I thought I had lost it. Thank you.

  14. Brad's Odds and Ends

    Burn baby Burn!!!! lol

  15. wow, keep up the good work.. GO PACK GO

  16. I love your spunk, Steve, and how you come back at the nattering safety nazis. It is quite amazing what some people worry about. I call them the helmet generation; “We’re all gonna die!!” I’m surprised that some of them ever leave the house.

  17. This guy makes way too much sense to live in the Bay Area.

  18. Interesting video, Steve. I, too, always have to laugh at the doom-sayers out there.
    However, that being said, you shouldn’t wear that hat-jacket combination….YOU COULD DIE!!

  19. I love your sarcasm, you remind me of my self with it.

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