THE BACKWOODS CABIN. Episode 27. Winter workshop projects being installed.

Winter is trying to go away and you can drive once again to The Backwoods Cabin. In this video some of the winter workshop projects are being installed. Kitchen chairs, island stools, window and corner trim and the doors to the backwoods workshop.


  1. Sorry, Joe, I think you are wrong! if you title the videos better, now that YouTube automatically offers a follow on, I want it to be YOUR video, not somebody elses! please reconsider tidying up video titles, so that people can follow your grand story so much easier? no reply needed!

  2. JoeandZachSurvival

    This is MY video for crying out loud. Sheesh I have the whole backwoods cabin series that has been going on for 3 years now.

  3. Beautiful cabin…although you probably know that already.

  4. I go deer hunting every year on my nieces property. She and husband Brett own 120 acres just north of Ely. What town are you located near?

  5. Just go onto Joe’s page and view his Playlists. You will get all of his videos one after another. There is no need to rename anything.

  6. omg Thats so lovely. man i dream to live there.

  7. Your father is an amazing craftsman..thanks for sharing..god bless

  8. Hi Joe this backwoods cabin is it stop at episode 27?

  9. i like this place! i would come vizit no doubt but i would never live here!

  10. Шикарный домик. Красиво

  11. U and your dad do good work.

  12. I hate the decor. Kitsch.

  13. Common Sense Camper

    Awesome! Just subbed

  14. Then I suggest you do not mimic this when you do your project. I have a feeling that what it is that you DO like I too would find to be in poor taste. To each their own. Thank you. Joe

  15. JoeandZachSurvival l like sr8 linear objects. Lighty..Clear wood.

  16. Hey, your cabin looks amazing! Great job!

  17. what a project of LOVE..
    now I have watched the entire series..
    thank YOU

  18. Beautiful!

  19. Beautiful. Looks just like you’d imagine an 1800’s cabin . Apart from the light switches but it is beautiful ….well done xoxox

  20. I like your kitchen wood stove!

  21. Wow those doors really pull the workshop together.

  22. Awesome your father is a true craftsman. I’ve been a carpenter for almost 25 years I’ve done more traditional pieces. very artistic and functional. The hinges absolutely finish it off the wood working. Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing

  23. Homesteading Ruthie

    everything looks great 🙂

  24. TheRockerxx69 get a life

  25. Amazing talent and absolutely beautiful cabin and landscape. You guys are so fortunate to be able to take all that in. Good work guys

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