THE BACKWOODS CABIN. Episode 12. Winter workshop projects continue. We almost have cabinets!

In this episode of The Backwoods Cabin Dad is making all the cabinet door and drawer fronts and the face frames. The hinges are installed and the actual cabinets themselves are being created.


  1. nice woodwork,it’s good to keep busy especialy in the winter.hope you get to do some fishing down in LA.this winter i am putting together new ideas in fishing lures.i have some downstairs that are coated in epoxy curing and i can’t wait to test them in the bathtub.

  2. Try beating the wood with a length of chain.  Distresses the wood well.  Project looks great!

  3. awesome workshop……did you build it?

  4. Another great video.  I can’t wait to see what you will be posting for videos while your down south where it is warmer.  lol.  50 degrees down there and while they are wearing sweatshirts and parka’s you will be in a t-shirt saying this is great weather.  lol  Be safe and have fun.

  5. BackyardHomesteading

    Very nice!  We just got back from a trip to Louisiana.  It was beautiful with temps in the 60’s

  6. That is awesome!!!

  7. Beautiful!!!

  8. Dads a good man. Very helpful.

  9. I’d really love to borrow you & your dad for several weeks!  Such beautiful craftsmanship.  Stop by Falmouth, KY on your way down South and we’ll have some pork steaks for supper!

  10. Looking great. Have fun on vacation.

  11. better get a china cap on that stove pipe soon.

  12. Love to see folks put their heart and skill into such craftsmanship!  Very creative!!

  13. Looking forward to the next one. I subbed. 

  14. I am sitting in my kitchen this rainy morning in Sweden, drinking my morning coffee and looking at your videos.  just want to thank you for the Backwoods cabin series, Good work! Interesting. Inspiring.

  15. JoeandZachSurvival

    Thank you for the comment, you are welcome and enjoy !

  16. I hope your dad is putting his talent to a good money making business! and if not you two SHOULD!!!

  17. JoeandZachSurvival

    Both my grandfather and dad were / and are carpenters, and owners of there own company. they are the two most talented people I have ever watched with building just about anything. they build ” outdoorsy ” stuff like in the video for fun, I think they like to keep it as a hobby rather then what they do everyday it might take the fun out of it. But both are seriously talented with building things, and growing up with them has been quite the experience. I have learned so much.
    Thanks for watching , Zach

  18. Андрей Видерман

    рустикальный стиль? отлично!

  19. What a great idea for cabinets!!

  20. quick question, i been watching your videos for a while and im just wondering how you got so good at building stuff. im 18 right now but i want to own my own property one day and build my own cabin, but how did you learn to build stuff so well? just time?

  21. +Mike Smith I was younger than you when I started in construction and its all I have ever done. I have been building houses etc for over 30 years now. Thank you Mike. Joe

  22. Where the handles made from China Berry tree?

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