Tetris-like stacking + LEGOish shelves: modular minimalist furniture (BrickBox)

BrickBox are modular shelves/boxes that can be stacked like bricks- or LEGOS- and fit into any sized apartment, even in tough spots like under the stairs. Stacked high enough, they can create a wall and divide an apartment or office into separate spaces, or even rooms.

Industrial designer Antxon Salvador came up with the idea while writing a book on Spanish cinema 11 years ago. As he bought more and more books and dvds for research, he had an ever-expanding need for shelving. He couldn't find a high quality modular shelving system so he decided to create one and BrickBox was born.
Given his nomadic nature, Salvador created shelves that individually serve as boxes for moving and storage, but together they can be stacked and interlocked to create custom-sized shelving without the need of any screws. He also created the option to add wheels and create mobile shelving or even a rolling coffee table.

Since the "boxes" are made from high quality laminated birch plywood, they are sturdy so shelves can be stacked high enough to create a wall, or to create load-bearing furniture like chairs, benches and tables.

Each individual BrickBox can be flat-packed for easy storage (when your shelving needs diminish). There are 2 sizes: the large box (36 x 27 x 54 centimeters) and small (36 x 27 x 27 centimeters). Currently, they are only for sale in Europe (at €39.95 for the large and €29.95 for the small), but Salvador and his business partner Roger Zanni are currently looking for a U.S. distributor.

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  1. Yeah but the design is super easy to copy.

  2. Anthony Laughlin

    Exactly what I was thinking Im an artist and to build a series of boxes like this would be super easy…

  3. Brilliant, you can take it a lot further with specialty boxes, like a box for a medium tv, or boxes to hang clothing (maybe with a sliding a door), … infinite possibilities

  4. Great idea for DIY

  5. People that can afford it will buy the product. People who cannot afford it will try the DIY. Still it is a great solution, I have seen thousands of bookshelves damaged or thrown away just because they do not fit on the new house.

  6. ghtsh bhg tdhbgfhbc hbgfhb ghb

    ‘High quality materials’? Plywood isn’t exactly whart i’d call ‘quality’.

  7. Very clever but it uses a great deal of wood per linear foot of shelf. That’s why it’s so heavy. For the top shelf you only need half as many boxes since the books will sit just as well in the gap between. Of course that makes moving more difficult, but how often do you really need to move. If there was a way to do something similar with all the shelves so that assembling an entire wall of shelves only required a bit more than half the number of boxes you would really have something.

  8. Wahou ! just checked the prices on their website, super expensive !!! I thought this was great because I’ve always wanted to build furniture that would carry my stuff when i moove as well, without having to go through the whole cardboard boxing thing but I was worried about the steadiness of it all, seems like they fixed that for me, just gotta do it myself now…

  9. Birch plywood is quality material.

  10. I LOVE this idea. but for plywood boxes they are very expensive. $60 dollars per box! 

  11. 1 word: Kindle

  12. Fantastically brilliant design.

  13. Just saw this. I love it! and i think my cats will love these too. Awesome steps to climb on! 🙂

  14. Baltic Birch plywood is NOT the same as the normal plywood you usually see, this stuff is very very nice looking and super strong. Much better than standard plywood. 
    $60 per box is insanely expensive, especially if you consider the whole point is to stack a bunch of them together. For the amount of money you would spend you could buy yourself a complete wood shop of power tools and DIY.
    Great idea (although it is very similar to a few of the ideas I have come up with) just way too expensive for what your getting.

  15. Ugly butt joints too

  16. the only weak point I can see, is when they disassemble, books are heavy which makes the lifting difficult and there are lot of steps to end up moving it: lift with your hand in an uncomfortable position, move a couple of inches, grab the hadles and then finaly move the box. You can see the struggle, I think it could be improved by adding a handle on top, I know those wouldn’t match like the ones on the sides, but it would make easier the lift. Apart from that, the benefits are really good

  17. Ebooks problem solved.

  18. With little drawers or baskets it could also be a clothes dresser. Neat! Very useful!

  19. Love this idea . Single women can do it by themselves! No help needed.
    I use old fruit cases for this purpose.

    I think the should be cheaper if they want to sell a lot of those though.

  20. It’s a great idea! But one box costs around 40€. If you want to build a shelf like in the video you need a lot of money obviously 🙁

  21. they are so fucking expensive these :D:D

  22. this is perfect. love it first sight. but they are way to expensive for me. what a pity.

  23. I do the same with veggie cardboard boxes. It’s light, and easily go from storage to being bookshelves.

  24. what about your other stuff?

  25. That’s actually fairly reasonable for something that isn’t made out of cardboard like Ikea.

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