Taking a Budget Track Saw to the Next Level

I got a Grizzly track saw for my birthday. It's way less than half the price of a Festool, Dewalt, or Makita so it comes with a few issues that need to be fixed. After the mods, however, it cuts like a champ! Next up is a Freud blade for it…

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  1. good work , is this brand like Makita and festool quality

  2. This looks so much cheaper than let’s say for instance a Festool TS-55R saw, 2 x FS-1400 guide rails, a 3.5m x 36mm anti static hose and a CT midi for portable use such as in clients homes where you really need to be dust free, efficient and well organised.
    Or a TS-55R saw with an FS3000 rail with parallel guides for rips on 8x4s as well as two MFT/3s and a CT-36 for workshop use. Before you know it you buy lots of their sanders and 2 or 3 routers as well as a Domino 700. It won’t be long before you end up with 30 to 40 Systainers. That’s the trouble with Festool is you buy one thing and end up with lots.

  3. This is not nearly the quality of a Festool or Makita track saw. However, with some simple mods and a nice blade, it can get close for WAY less money invested.

  4. Good job. Now sleeve the dust removal hose and the power cord and you’re set.

  5. +Honu425
    Yeah I need to do another update video. Thanks for the suggestions!

  6. What’s the first modification you did? Did you replace the strips or just re-adhesive them? I don’t find that those are loose on my track – did you increase the height somehow?

  7. +Raystafarian I just re-applied the strips further to the outside of the track. That way the strips contact the base of the saw on the outside, and there’s no possibility of wobble.

  8. Hi Tim great videos keep them coming Papa Carroll

  9. +Albert Winter Will do. Thanks.

  10. Makes sense, thanks. Back when I tried to get mine off I couldn’t and I just ended up putting some glide tape in the grooves on the bottom of the saw base.

  11. No problem +Raystafarian. Good idea on the glide tape.

  12. A Modern Maker

  13. if you take the glide pads off completely and use glide tape under the bottom plate of the saw this works 10 x better.

  14. +Ben corco Great idea. I ended up using glide tape under the saw but didn’t think, for whatever reason, to take the worthless glide pads off. Thanks!

  15. youre welcome.

  16. How is splintering on plywood?

  17. +Benjamin Morrison Not bad with the stock blade. Much better with a Freud.

  18. I just purchased the shop fox version of this saw and it looks they have improved it. guide strips are much farther apart then what is shown in this video, the second one is in between the guide track

  19. +disalex Awesome. I think you’ll love it.

  20. Benjamin Morrison make the first pass a shallow cut about 3mm. The another pass full depth of the work piece +3mm. The blade cuts up so have the work piece face down.

  21. wow cool !

    a quick question here, the tape that stick under the saw unit to make it less friction what is it

    thank you in advance.

  22. +Smith Salifa That’s just the plastic that it comes with it. But I’d recommend going with a uhmw tape.

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