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Making Wood Signs With a Router

You don't need a cnc to carve a sign. I carved this out using a handheld router. I painted the interior of the sign and sanded off the excess.

My friend wanted me to make a carved wooden sign for her place. The process was a lot easier this time around as it wasn't my first rodeo. I wanted to share some of the additional tricks that made this sign easier to put together.

The primary tools used for this project includes a router with plunge base and table mount, random orbit sander, and a tablesaw to trim down the board.

Let me know in the comments any sign making tips or tricks that you like.

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Tools Used:

Bosch 1617EVS router :
Spiral Upcut Bit Set :
ΒΌ" Spiral Upcut Bit :
Router Bit Set w/ edging bits:

DEWALT DW745 Tablesaw :
Random Orbit Sander :

Carbon Paper :

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