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Woodworkers Toolbox

This is my version of a toolbox designed by Jeremy Broun that I saw on Youtube. ( )

go to for more details about how to build one.

For more of Jeremys' books, go to !…

I was looking for a design that allowed access to commonly used tools without having to rummage past every knife and chisel to get to the tools at the bottom.

I used 12 mm ply because that was what I had lying around. The smaller boxes are 7mm ply. The doors pivot on 6mm bolts that have been cut down and are held closed with cabinet roller catches.

I hand cut the dovetails using an ultra fine dovetail saw and a chisel after laying out the cuts with a marking knife. The only problem I had was after I dry fitted the lid pieces together, I couldn't get them apart again for the glue-up, so I left them. There's no pressure on the joint so it should hold up just fine.

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