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Workshop tour – my home Woodshop – shop organizing ideas – shop projects and lathes

this is a little tour of my small home workshop / woodshop. you will notice from this tour i have a few projects I'm working on and a few space saving ideas you may be interested in. some of the interesting space savers i discuss are:
heavy duty shelving
rotating tool station
under mounted self boxes
scrap box turned chemical shelf

some of the projects i touch on are:
small outboard for my micro boats
homemade lathe – big blue and my free mini lathe
future BIG lathe, homemade of course

Yes this is a tiny workshop, maybe even a micro wood shop but i hope this tour was illuminating if for nothing else to show that you can make interesting and big projects with very little work space. it may not be much of a work shop but the little wood shop is all my own.

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