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Scrap Wood Projects

Scrap Wood Projects- I have truly enjoyed the scrape wood challenge videos that were published today. They are some excellent projects and truly show the talent and creativity of the woodworkers here on you tube. Lots of fun to watch and be inspired. Check them out. Scrap Bin Challenge Participants:

April Wilkerson –
Steve Carmichael –
Peter Brown –
John Heisz –
Fr. Thomas Bailey –
Dominic Bender –
Manhattan Wood Project –
Arzensek Andrea –
Steve French –
Jason Rausch –
AdventuresInDIY –
Fabian's Tiny Workshop –
Nick Ferry –
Richard Morley –
Patrick's Work Shop –
Darbin Orvar –
Rock-n H Woodshop –
Carl Jacobson –
The Nomadic Polywright Show –
McGinn's WoodShop –
Jack Houweling –
Mike Fulton –
Ted Alexander –
Average Joes –


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