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Garage Workshop Super Insulated Radiant Floor

How I made my Garages Super Insulated Concrete Floor. This building is going to be heated because it is both a garage and a shop. I set up radiant tubes in the floor for the hot water to circulate. This is a hydronic radiant floor. I insulated between the ground and the concrete slab because the slab is always going to be hotter than the ground.

There is lots of rebar, probably over doing it a bit. The slab was 5,000 psi concrete and 5 inches thick. This slab is way overkill, but I didn't want to worry about it. Now I could add a lift in the future if I want to.

The foam board used is high-density "Geo Foam" which came out of a factory in RI. The foam was great and I would use it again. I secured it to the walls using Loctite power grab adhesive. There is a link below. The floor insulation is a total of 14 inches (R-56) and the wall is 2 inches (R-8). The wall was later framed out for another R-20 of cellulose.

Read more details about this project here:

My dad and neighbor, John, are seen because they both helped out so much with this. Thank you.

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