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  1. What the hell, I try to reply, and I get “You are not allowed to comment on this post”.  It’s my video, dammit!

  2. Christian Geiselmann

    Do have plans / schemes for the bench top power supply for download?

  3. For more info, click link in description, then see the links in the article.

  4. Christian Geiselmann

    +Matthias Wandel Thank you, Matthias!

  5. I was just about to ask the same thing after watching the video. I have too many 18 volt tools with no batteries I want to power with a bench top power supply. Now, to look for those links!

  6. where did you buy the larger diamond disc there are all kinds of discs for dremels, but i need one with a 1/4 shank. thanks

  7. princess auto

  8. Christian Geiselmann


  9. you are a very good woodworker , and you are a good mechanic too, an electronic….multitalented!

  10. Thuan Duong multitalented, no we call them engineers 😀

  11. Matthias Wandel

  12. I love your brain…. I go but not as far out as you good stuff.

  13. bu adam kafayi yemis aq valla uzaya cikacak yakinda

  14. “Cute!” Lol

  15. Matthias Wandel

  16. jean claude KERBART

    very good idea … i ‘ll do one now , it’s so expensive to sharpen ! thank you matthias !

  17. very good

  18. eh… probably not the end of the world. Especially at the amounts that the average hobbyist is gonna be grinding. And if you wear a mask then that should cut most of the problems down.

  19. I love it !!! Do more !!!

  20. Your videos are great. I have been watching them and learning for a couple of years. I built a circular saw blade sharpener using a stripped down plug-in circular saw but I can’t find a diamond wheel that works on my circ saw blades.
    I found a diamond wheel at Harbor Freight for only $10 dollars. It doesn’t even spark when I press my saw blade against it. The saw speed is only 2800 rpm. Could that be the problem.
    Can you recommend a diamond blade, preferrably with a 5/8″ arbor? I can’t find any.

  21. Luis Adriano meus parabéns

    que show vc está de parabéns amigo adorei

  22. John Heisz


  24. Boa criatividade!👍

  25. easongueirreiro

  26. disculpe amigo de cuanto es eso motorsito

  27. That’s a pretty sweet jig. Thinking about making one myself.

  28. thank you,,bro,,

  29. Mathias I was just wondering where you buy your exotic wood from. I live in Canada and I cant find any that sell small pieces.

  30. Simply genius

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