1. you move so fast

  2. Now i’m convinced Matthias is the chosen one from the wooden matrix.

  3. Was it mentioned why Matt is moving his shop? Did I miss a video?

  4. nice solution on lifting that drill press… I love your “no frills” approach to things… cheers

  5. They call him Wandel Woodman ^_^

  6. There’s no shame in using some steel to reinforce that front member 🙂

  7. Yea, he moved. They sold the house he was originally in.

  8. Wordsnwood (Art Mulder)

    Subscribe to his 2nd channel for more of the behind-the-scenes stuff.

  9. I do not envy you right now. There’s a small organizational nightmare after each move.

  10. Entarra De'Lacord

    Old has was more suited for a Bachelor, now that they’re starting a family the old house simply wasn’t big enough.

  11. I really like the way you use timelapse and as little narration as you do

  12. You really need to get yourself some ryobi tools for your “new” work shop. I hear that they are pretty good.

  13. Very nice, but how do you survive without a vice on that bench?

  14. When I moved my shop I saw the problem at the outset, so I made a plan early on where to put everything. Then I knew where everything was going to go before I even moved it. So I only have to move everything once. It worked remarkably well.

  15. Damian Reloaded do they?

  16. Taking the tools off the tool wall before moving it…

  17. I have some older Ryobi tools and I’d call them junk.

  18. It is time to design a gantry for your lifting. You have the room for it now. At least once you get everything put away.

  19. Well. It is a good job I wasn’t being serious then isn’t it. I was trying to provoke a response since I know he hates Ryobi.

  20. Next friday video: making the top right drawer do some crazy twisting movement to come out around the corner.

  21. Just don’t suggest he attach it with pocket holes.

  22. Nelumbo Nucifera

    +Guillermo Marin
    That video was on his other channel. It can be confusing, since both channels have the same name.

  23. The Monster O' Dub

    Lierofox *screws in at an angle

  24. TheJoshinils He doesn’t use time lapse, he actually does move that fast.

  25. This is confirmed info, you just have to get used to that fact

  26. I reckon I can build that

    tallman11282 like a little wood working mouse!

  27. His mortal enemy, the counter point within the equation to his own… Pocket Joints…

  28. who are they? — kreg jig users and sales men!

  29. I got quite a good chuckle from that little annotation.

  30. Workshop Tokyo Drift

  31. I’ve never seen anyone move that fast

  32. Of course it’s hard to tell from a video, but It feels like I could have lifted it up there without an unacceptable amount of struggling.
    But I’m probably 10 years younger, and do things like that every day, I’m sure Matthias could have done it, but I imagine the struggle, and potential pain that night, might not have been worth it to him.

  33. Jon Wilson It’s like Facehugger Cam or something.

  34. Acts 13:41 Yes, and if it involves wooden pulleys and ropes, with a ratchet to stop the load falling, that would be especially interesting.

  35. So, four minutes and six seconds – but how long did it actually take?

  36. I know I’d have no hope in hell of lifting that in one go; so I really liked the gradual increments of the multiple sturdy boxes approach – great quick solution.

  37. I work in a metal 20×40 and Im constantly battling rust from the temp swings + humidity in the winter leading to condensation. Issue for you as well?

  38. Wish I had that much room for a shop.

  39. I use WD-40 in my rust battle. I buy it by the gallon can and put it into a spray bottle. About once a week I pick another spot and coat everything there. I try to get to every tool 4 times a year. Right now the humidity is pretty low, it is only 87%. It usually runs in the high 90s in the summer here. But lately it has been unusually dry.

  40. This is a method which Egyptians used to build pyramids 🙂

  41. anyone else feel like they were in a Kendrick Lamar video watching this?

  42. OOOOOHHHHHH That explains so much. I click on a video of his and it said I wasn’t subscribed and was really confused because I’ve been subscribed to Matthias for about two years now. Didn’t know he had a second channel by the same name.

  43. Boris the Bilder

    Damian Reloaded for some damn reason I heard “working man” by rush after I read your comment.

  44. With another bench with a vice 🙂

  45. Great song.

  46. is that bench top a door?

  47. There is nothing worth to see it in real time. Most of the work has been done before, he is just moving into new place….

  48. I totally know the pain. Just got one for myself and had to load it into the hatchback, then out, and assemble it in the garage without assistance. Doable, but not exactly easy!

  49. yes

  50. fuddyduddy I agree this video is a bit pointless. I just hope this won’t be the new standard.

  51. Some people get ideas for organization and learn a process from these ‘simple’ tutorials. Skill and knowledge levels vary.

  52. you workshop definitely only has one heart left

  53. John Heisz n

  54. Super everything has turned out my congratulations

  55. Haaaaa

  56. i watched this entire video, start to finish. what does this mean?

  57. It means that you watched the whole video.

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