Super Simple DIY Panel Saw Kit Out Performs Many $1,000+ Saws!

It can rip, crosscut, and miter, and 'swap' between sawing and routing in seconds. Our new design is portable too! Plans and hardware available at


• Precision extruded guide rails provide a stable and consistent cut (at least 1/32″ over four feet)

• Patented Gap Guides allows for sub 8 second tool changes

• Zero Offset Geometry allows the saw carriage to sit flush with the bottom of the guides, maximizing the depth of cut

• Crystal Clear and ultra tough polycarbonate carriages lets you see your work

• Easy to add a miter fence for accurate miter cuts

• Ultra low friction bearing lower support eliminates rollers, reducing complexity and enabling easy cutting of materials like lattice work


  1. luis carlos Oliveira

    muito bom gostei !!

  2. Very smart….

  3. ok design, but not amazing.

  4. ThingsDemystified

    +Nathan Nostaw It’s ten times less expensive than buying one. I think that’s pretty amazing.

  5. i can do all of those cuts with my $400 track saw.

  6. what’d the name of the music ?

  7. and that’s how LAZY will fix the World. 😀

  8. Who picked out the music, Gandalf?

  9. Laba ideja

  10. Heriberto Zamora Jr

    I make cabinets and counter tops, read all the comments, for what they’re asking and for what I paid for my panel saw. You can’t beat the price. I see people who purchased this had problems assembling it but no negative comments about them asking for assistance and everyone got a reply with further instructions. Bravo on the construction of making this with all the ideal capabilities it can do. Love the portable idea, nice to do major construction at a job site which might be far away from your shop

  11. +Mohamed Islam  Pummm! Pummm!

  12. +Umar Musa If you already have any circular saw the cost for  Build the rest cost no more to 100 bucks!!

  13. +DeeJayMontevideo link please

  14. +turboslut You are correct. I work very hard to find the easiest way to do anything. I usually succeed. I work 16+ hours a day so I can be lazy when I execute a project.

  15. +turboslut Perhaps when you have the talent to invent something as slick as the Swap Saw™ you could get a cushy job too. People are usually rewarded in the market place for their skill, talent and work ethic.

  16. +AKA Nathan Let’s see you put any other Panel Saw into the back of a PT Cruiser.

  17. +A2Equipment I must have missed the memo that sets PT cruisers as a measurement of good design. Seeing as they are ugly as sin, I wouldn’t be using them to promote my design. The saw design is OK, but still not amazing, (even if you could fit it into a tiny smart car).

  18. +AKA Nathan
    I don’t know why you feel the need to make a random negative remark. Besides, I think PT Cruisers are awesome.

  19. +turboslut Work Smart, not Hard.

  20. Isaac Irack Zambrano Aguiar

    Buenos dias.
    Ya cuento con DIY panel saw pero quiero comprar el Portability Upgrade Kit for the SwapSaw, pero la unica forma de pago que puedo realizar es por paypal no cuentan con esa forma de pago? Me interesa mucho adquirirlo

  21. +Umar Musa
    Let’s see you cut a dado with your track saw.

  22. exelente idea…

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  24. wear a mask

  25. Well done! I think it is a great invention. (I.E. design. I realise others have invented the same thing previously but the execution of this one seems to be the best I have seen. )

    I would love to buy the kit. There are two things holding me back.
    1. It is not metric.
    2. The freight charges to Australia are prohibitive.

    The metric issue may not be too big of an issue, given the way it is designed, except that I could never get parts for it.
    Hence if you could find a way to ship it internationally, cheaply, then I think myself and many others around the world would buy the kit. Esp if you had a metric version.

    It occurs to me that rebuilding the entire thing in metric would be another option but usually I find that hunting down all the parts for such things ends up costing more than buying a kit in the first place. I would definitely prefer the convenience of the kit and to see that the creator gained something from my purchase.

    So I just thought I’d let you know I think it is a great design and I’m only not buying the kit for logistical reasons.

  26. so are these kits available or not?

  27. love the concept, no bearing

  28. I’ve used 2k dollar Panel saws, this one works dam goo by the looks of it, but I’ve got an improvement for it. Most shelves attach in a cabinet with Pins add a pin lock hold and a plunge outer and you have a pin pattern add to this you could also add a Tilting plate to cut molding shapes on your panel MDF or in hardwoods and other ideas as well. Like a X-Y-Z index or a circle cutter or even pentagram attachment with pattern guid.
    I’l bet you could cut dovetails with it even.

    CNC vertical panel, router table sheet good size.

  29. George B. Wolffsohn

    turboslut yeah. if necessity is the mother of invention, then laziness is definitely the father. ( a father)

  30. George B. Wolffsohn

    turboslut yeah. if necessity is the mother of invention, then laziness is definitely the father. ( a father).

  31. They have closed shop and no longer doing business.

  32. And they should take their video down so we don’t waste time thinking we can get one of these…

  33. I can see house framers adding this to their tool kit. Good job.excellent piece of kit.

  34. soundtrack….nailed it!

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