Steve Makes: Cordless Tool Dock | Tool Storage (Polyurethane Resin)

Hey guys.. I decided to make some storage for my cordless power tools, for when I'm not using them, and to try and keep the bench tidy.. I made a pattern out of mdf and used chavant clay to make some of the details.. I made a silicone mould so that I could cast out multiple parts.. If I get any more cordless tools I can cast out more 'docks'.. Because these are for holding my tools I wasn't worried about the finish.. You can see the texture of the mdf on the cast parts..

Chavant Clay
Gun Foam
spray wax (release agent)

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"Design Ideas" by Leon_Felekyan


  1. Looks really nice, good idea. But looks time consuming … How long did it take to get to this point?

  2. Nice idea Steve!! I love it

  3. Love it! Sweet idea, and great execution.

  4. Hi Rudi.. thanks :).. If I wasn’t videoing, it would take me about 2-3 hours to get to the stage that I was pouring the silicone.. I then let it cure overnight.. I was able to de-mould the cast parts about 15 mins after they were poured.. so I was able to make the little shelf in the time i was waiting for the resin to set.. It’s probably a bit eccentric for what it is, but it let me introduce some new materials to my channel 🙂

  5. thanks man 🙂

  6. Sounds good, I wish I had such a solution, thanks for the how to 🙂

  7. gorgeous shots, awesome solution to a very common problem!

  8. Making HUERTAS Stuff

    Great job.

  9. Another great, clever, and well edited video! I think using the battery mount is such a great idea. Nice use of silicon and resins!

  10. Muy buen trabajo!!! 👍

  11. DN Handcrafted cheers Doug 🙂

  12. Myko thanks.. I’d seen some other clever solutions out there but I thought I’d try being a little different 🙂

  13. SeanHodgins cheers Sean 💪

  14. Beautiful video and cool storage idea/approach! Subbed!

  15. Great, another channel I have to subscribe to…

    That’s a great idea and excellent implementation though.

  16. Such a stunning video, as usual! Glad to see another one from you, Steve!

  17. thanks bruce.. I’d love to be making more vids but i’m working 6 days a week and trying to do work on my girlfriends mums house in the evenings and sundays so i’m a bit stretched.. hopefully in the new year it’ll be a bit more relaxed 🙂

  18. haha cheers Adam

  19. Thanks Clint.. cheers for checking it out

  20. Thanks for sharing this video with us!

  21. heriberthuber54 thanks for watching 🙂

  22. great ideas and amazing videos!!! subbed!

  23. #LaVidaLopez thanks😎

  24. Another next-level project. Very cool to see how you made the docks

  25. DUDE This is incredible!! well done.

  26. Nikos Woodworking DIY

    Dear Wizard, I don’t know what sorcery you used there, but this is the best tool storage solution I ever saw…

  27. Nikos Woodworking DIY haha.. thanks Niko thanks for watching 🙂

  28. I just found your channel on this video. Fantastic content sir. Great pace and artistic flair in the shots. I am excited to see what’s next.

  29. Thanks Austin 😊.. cheers for checking my vids out.. I haven’t had a chance to work on a new video over the last couple of months but I should be back working on one by the end of the month.. works been busy and I’ve been doing a lot work on a house that we’re moving into.. but I’ll have a small workshop at the house, that’ll give me more opportunity to work on more vids.. 💪happy new year man

  30. Crimson Custom Guitars

    Very nicely done! B

  31. Crimson Custom Guitars thanks Ben.. I haven’t seen your channel before.. I’m definitely going to take a deep look through your videos.. Ive always been in awe of luthiers.. cheers for checking my vid out.. Steve

  32. Zetl cheers

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