Sommerfeld’s Tools for Wood – Cabinetmaking Made Easy with Marc Sommerfeld – Part 1

Part 1 – Beautiful cabinetry doesn't have to be difficult. From face frame to hardware installation, Marc covers it all! Marc Sommerfeld's Tongue & Groove Cabinetmaking System combines the best of Old World joinery with the advantages of New World tooling. The result is a system that will make every joint – and every project – faster, stronger and more accurate. This exciting video shows how this system will work for you – whether you are an occasional woodworker or a seasoned pro. Full video length approximately 105 minutes. Visit to find more videos and tools for wood-working.


  1. tounge and groove is 1 of the oldest techniques there is .If you learned by
    face nailing you started off as a carpenter no cabinet maker face nails
    they know that it lowers the value of the workmenship. Cabinets and
    fixtures are 1/4 -1/3 the cost of building a home cheaply built cabinets
    are a negative to the value of the home . We’re trying to make money not
    pay more to build less.

  2. I predict this newfangled fancy tongue and groove thing is just a fad among
    them youngsters, it’ll never catch on…

  3. Wouldn’t Festool Domino joints be much faster and just as good looking for
    way less time?

  4. what type of wood do you use for your face frame and where do you get it?

  5. you did an amazing, easy to use so many machines without video, I’ll try to
    make some cabinets with your method, without worrying about what that
    single square fit great … shame that some people do not like but that the
    demonstrative video is for those who know nothing about carpentry (amateur)
    … helped me a lot. with your abilities to see him easy to do …

  6. its really useful tools

  7. +Misteryez
    Yeah, but domino joiner doesn’t create a real mortise and tenon anyway so
    you even talking about a high boy doesn’t make sense.

  8. +Kirk Williams festools suck had a set lasted a week doing real job site
    work sent them back for a refund crap

  9. +jason mooney
    Festool sucks Mercedes Benz suck Lamborghini sucks Rolls Roice Suck.
    Chevrolet and Dewalt are much better, Notttt

  10. Mercedes Benz suck Lamborghini sucks Rolls Roice Suck. they do there just
    overpriced art pieces for niche market but Chevrolet sucks too its all
    about the toyota and honda but fegtools suck

  11. Thank you SO MUCH!

  12. Cool, I’ll put this one in my To Do list after I finish up with one of
    Hyezmar’s project (He’s giving away his book right now, google him)

  13. Notice on that he assembles the drawer bank stile with the groove the wrong

  14. As read in some other comments, I also recommend taking a look at Woody
    Hyezmar’s Woodworking Bible. Last time I saw he was still looking for proof

  15. If you haven’t tried Marc’s Tongue and Groove system, you are really
    missing some pleasurable cabinet making. Simple, accurate and almost fool
    proof. As long as you have your wood dimensions set correctly and level
    your router fence with the router bit bearing, it is a no brainer.

  16. You can make it. look for inplix website! I think it’s the best way to
    learn how to make it in the better way.

  17. Yeah

  18. frederic lefebvre

    bonne video dommage que cette video ne soit pas traduite en francais

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  20. Did notice that, then that they did’t show it when the face assembly was
    done..good catch in edit…:D

  21. Are those cabinets made of plywood or hard wood?

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    crafts/projects and some basic carpentry skills this website will interest
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  23. yourallabunch ofslaves

    I cant stand square head screws ferkin sunk!!!!!

  24. Everything today is made of Birch or similar plywood, with hardwood faces
    because hardwood is simply too expensive, and quite frankly impossible to
    find in large pieces, to make sides, etc. If you could make it 100% hard
    wood, it would cost tens of thousands of dollars.

  25. This guy has a passion to show this beautiful work…can somebody donate a
    good carpenter table for him? He’s going to hurts his knees!

  26. bleet bleet that’s all folks

  27. It is not just that manufactured board is cheaper it is easier to work
    with. Working with wood is complex when you take expansion and warping of

  28. Hans Christian Noergaard

    how i wish you not talk so much

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