So you want to make a Shave Horse ?

how to make a shave horse.
a concise instruction on how to make a simple rustic style shave horse using round-wood from the forest and basic hand tools.
Use pause to freeze between pages.
You can download the .pdf version of this video from here:

This style of shave horse and my instruction on how to make it is not precision engineering, it's rustic engineering.
There are other resources out there if you need a more refined shave horse or more detailed advice.

Good luck and thanks for viewing.


  1. You flyfish them, or just conventional???

  2. browntroutfisherman

    Yep, fly fish – mostly small rivers & streams for native brown trout but occasionally fish on managed reservoirs with fly for rainbow trout

  3. I had a feeling! I’m giving the float tube a try this year, as per a book i read by Denny Rickards ‘Fly Fishing Stillwaters for Trophy Trout’ mostly about what you do, reservoir and sinking lines. No body ever does it out east here, you really have to go out west. Btw, thanks for the upload on the shave horse…. 🙂

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