1. Michael Thornburg

    Very nice top. Did you design it to have a replaceable top surface? I see
    screw holes around the top…

  2. Yes – the top is 1/8″ hardboard masonite held to the torsion box skin (1/2″
    MDF) with maybe like 20 screws, countersunk. When ready (all torn up), I
    can easily replace the 1/8″ masonite and get a brand new surface!

  3. @DJHcom They cost a lot upfront for sure. Amortizing over the life of the
    tool brings them down a bit compared to other brands. But no doubt, they
    are a very good tools that cost quite a bit of money.

  4. Did you glue the hardboard down and are you gona build a hutch.

  5. The hardboard is not glued down, simply screwed in a bunch of locations.
    That way I can easily replace it.

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