1. I have watched several of your videos. You are a smart guy, you plan it
    out, take your time and then put it to together. And when you do something
    you do it very well.This is a Great Video. I liked the saw guide you made
    that was cool.

  2. Matthias what would you recommend using for a top if one does not have an
    old door laying about? Get a door from the lumber store? Or build a top
    using MDF and maybe hardboard?

  3. Thanks for building this with minimal tools… I just built it with pretty
    much the same set. Much better than the screwed together abomination I had
    been using.

    The jump sit test turns out to be more painful than I had thought, but the
    bench didn’t budge so it was worth it.

  4. You could simple put standard 2×6 accros the top and screw them in. It will
    cost a little more but you’ll have a nice looking table.

  5. Hi thank you for sharing. I am very new to woodworking and I’m having so
    much trouble with table legs. I love building the table tops but when it
    comes to the legs I am stuck!! At 4:38 in your video you have what will be
    you legs secured in some type of standing clamp. I need one of these BAD so
    can you tell me what it is called and where I could find one?
    I really enjoy woodworking and aspire to be good at it so any tips you can
    give a newbie for SIMPLE table legs would be great!! Thank you again for
    your videos!!

  6. +des fessler It seems like he was just balancing it till he got the hole
    started then he held it with his hand

  7. +Levi Pekarek yeah maybe

  8. I love this I would love to build something one day I just find these
    videos so interesting great job

  9. is this strong enough and rigid enough that it will hold a vice and that it
    wont move when planing

  10. they are pretty sturdy, my dad has been using doors as bench tops for
    years. If you want something really sturdy get a sheet of 3/4 plywood

  11. +bannablitz247 not so much the top as the base if it has any sway to it
    then ill have to modify it

  12. +Mike Hunt the base on this (if made well) should be very sturdy

  13. +bannablitz247 thanks ive narrowed it down to this design and the one on
    jay bates channel

  14. In the past, I’ve wound up ripping 2x3s and 2x4s in half vertically, to
    make a 3/4″ thick planked tabletop, which is fine if you don’t mind not
    having a perfectly smooth surface.

  15. +Adam Oliphant not a bad idea. I picked up a damaged solid core slab door
    from home depot for $35, used that worked a treat

  16. +Timothy A yes, much love for the “scratch and Dent” department, I can’t
    tell you how many bargains I’ve fished out of there.

  17. he made a workbench with a workbench.. would be much better to show an
    example of building it from scratch to help the absolute begineer

  18. I found an old counter top I’m using. It was solid and 6′ X 2′, works as

  19. I find it cool these videos that show that you can build stuff without
    having to have big machines like table saws an stuff, I have just a
    circular saw and a hand drill, so I think I can build this! Especially cool
    was the technique you used to make the dado cut, that was nice! gonna try

  20. +Andey Kurniawan agreed, I’d also like to know what nutrients he used while
    growing the trees that he cut down for the lumber.

  21. Thanks for posting. I have a question – around 3:19, you mentioned you only
    wanted to drill through one piece of 2×4. How come? Why not go through

  22. Because I want to the screw threads to engage the other.

  23. ah… ok. thank you for responding. Love your work.

  24. +Jeff Circeo Agreed, would also like to know where he acquired the seeds
    for the trees he planted.

  25. +Andey Kurniawan, — But then if one is an absolute beginner, perhaps
    buying a workmate type bench is a good start. There is a **B&D Workmate
    Sawhorse and Vice** that’s only $30.00. It is a tool just like the drill
    and the saw.

  26. exelente y gracias por subirlo te felicito saludos desde buenos aires


    Parabéns, você é um mestre.

  28. Habitat for Humanity sells all kinds of “stuff” they don’t use. Check out
    their store.

  29. Who waited for the glue to fall off?..

  30. ‫ابو حسن Abu Hassan‬‎

    good Frey nasi

  31. One of the end of the video jump on your stuff demos should be of you
    smashing it to bits with a fake jump cut,then go,jk!

  32. Simply outstanding! Sheer eloquence in simplicity.

  33. What is the reason you rebate the side boards and not the legs? I thought
    it would be stronger the other way?

  34. I made this workbench too but I gave a fat lady 5 bucks to do the jump sit
    test. Well worth it!

  35. Mattias’ design stopped at the point where it is still very simple, but
    very strong.
    I’m going to build this soon, and the rebated front and rear apron (side
    board) design looks very rigid for side to side movement, which I want to
    But I see what you mean, the 2×6 pushing down on the screws if you put
    something heavy like a drill press on the bench. Maybe you could rebate
    both(?) about 1/4″ – 3/8″ deep each and then the 2×6 would be resting on a
    step. And with the slightly less wood thickness to hold screws, one could
    use 4 bolts and nuts with washers.

  36. Cristian Stroilescu

    Fastening screws for plasterboard and wood are good?

  37. Looks to be a lighter duty variation of the Seller’s or English bench. We
    Americans don’t throw our old doors away. We make them into benches.

  38. The aprons provide side to side rigidity. Their benefit is most notable if
    using hand tools that require heavy pressure.

  39. Re-watched this today and it is still excellent. I like your simplistic
    approach showing newbies what can be done with very few tools.

    The best advice, and where most rookies would fail, is not to use screws
    into the end grain !

  40. graham wellington q

  41. Why are you using dry wall screws instead of wood screws?

  42. Really enjoyed the video and took some interesting bits from it. Very much
    value the use of minimal tools as it helps someone like myself get started.

  43. Screws are used to hold things tightly together while the glue sets. a two
    inch by two inch cohesive bond will hold up a car. the dowels are the
    structural integrity of each joint as far as drywall screws I’m agin’ em. I
    use good solid coated robertson screws which don’t skip like phillips
    screws do. That’s just me but drywall screws will rust and are very brittle.

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