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simple Router Planer Jig – Woodworking // how to

How to plane wood using a router and a straight bit.
Planning/Surfacing Burl or Curly wood can be a challenge, sometimes you can't use a planer. This very basic and simple jig allows me to plane wood with a router.

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  1. awesome :)

  2. Personal preference I’d have moved the router along the gap then moved the
    jig instead of how you did it, nice jig interesting wood chunk.

  3. cool jig. Music: questionable.. ;-)

  4. just one word! cool

  5. I clicked on this thinking that thing was a dead animal

  6. i’m not sure if i would like to see a dead animal planed by a router 😡

  7. If I wasn’s so busy with Woody Hyezmar’s Woodworking Bible, I’d look into
    how to craft this exactly…, google his book and look at his designs,
    they’re great!

  8. Why not make the router top base out of plexi, so you can see the surface?
    Could also fix the legs and move the base only in XY axis, and solve the Z
    with stepped legs.


    راجب رنده نجاری چیزی شنیدی ؟

  10. maybe I’m not real artistic, what the hell was that to end up being. It
    would have made a nice bowl after you got it flat. I think you should have
    just used for fire wood other wise. I’m jyst saying :€)

  11. Fabian's Tiny Workshop

    It’s about the jig not the wood!

  12. I would have free hand it with a router and made a coffee cup.

  13. i just wasted my time to watched this”nothing”.

  14. Might be educational though lol

  15. i was expect more

  16. OK YES

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  18. Josse Itza h

  19. Simple. Smart. Thank you.

  20. this piece of wood was too good for the guy

  21. thanks for sharing. What did you apply on the burl after routeing it flat?

  22. Fabian's Tiny Workshop

    It’s danish oil.

  23. I used a variation of this jig today. It worked really well. Thanks for

  24. Fabian's Tiny Workshop

    Glad it works 🙂

  25. сказочный

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