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Silky Pole Saw | Light Saber of Saws

The silky pole saw is the light saber of pruning saws. Here's how you can build your own for under $100 using the factory Silky blade.
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  1. How much was the whole build of the tree house? If you don’t mind me asking.
    And Happy Easter

  2. at least you know that it is good steel

  3. Amazing how hard that steel is.

  4. Cody, I am surprised you do not have a good drill press with some real drill bits??

  5. 14 mm spanner. Oh dear, have you come in to the light?

  6. Matthew Heinrichs

    Awsome videos keep them coming

  7. is jack a ham? i’m a ham.

  8. It pays to have at least a few cobalts in the common sizes. You can wax eloquent about how a craftsman sharpens his own bits, but a good factory sharp cobalt will out cut several perfectly sharp HSS bits when a bit of hard slag is in the steel you are drilling. & For what it’s worth, people who say” they don’t make ’em like they used to…. find old drill bits at garage sales….” keep kidding yourselves. They make them better than they used to, for tougher applications. You just have to buy industrial tools suited to your task.

  9. Me too – this is the first time I heard mention of Ham Radio in his video.

  10. jack is a bright fellow. he would make a great ham.

  11. I have an aluminum body Silky pole saw and I have to say I really like it.

  12. Japanese really know how to make great steel. Cobalt usually works. Less chance of losing temper.

  13. Silky looks like a Turbo Saw, very nice cutting action

  14. Do silky saws need sharpening?

  15. +Thomas Taylor // Cody has a drill press. I suggested the drill press with COBALT drills.
    He has a plasma cutter, which I know nothing about. Cody will learn a thing or two as he does this, and as usual, will make it work.

  16. +Most are impulse hardened, stay sharp a very long time and are harder than a file. A handful are sharpenable

  17. AftermathOutdoors

    My big boy is a staple tool. I use it everywhere. Backpacking, in the home, in the yard, art, model building, etc. Good stuff.

  18. Cody…. Try the Silky 500 Katanaboy replacement blades or the Silky 650 Katanaboy replacement blades for your pole saw…

  19. $350 gets you a gas pole saw from STIHL.

  20. For these very hard steels you need tungsten carbide drill bits, they’re expensive but worth it in situations like these.

  21. Until you need to reach 6m…

  22. use a stepper bit or soften the saw with heat

  23. The dork in the woods

    Hi, is there anyone how has resharpen a silky blade? My blade is about 1 year old and it is not effective anymore.

  24. Haha! Tree cutting light saber!! Cool! Yo Cody! 🙂

  25. i started watching your videos a few years ago. i never imagined myself cutting a tree, but that’s my job now. i have made 4 holes on my belt just to tighten my belt.

    i love cutting trees. Thank you for your videos.

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