Shop Update 2/8/2017: Dust Collection Test, Prism Table Base, Upcoming Commissions

In this update I do a quick test of my dust collection system, talk about the Prism table base as well as some upcoming commissions.

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  1. Looking forward to the Rage3 review – close to getting one myself, but
    would use it more for metal

  2. That dust collection is working awesome! A couple of thousand board feet of
    walnut – holy crap.

  3. +ianhig rag. I’m thinking metal and rough cuts.

  4. +JT S each man. It’s a ridiculous amount.

  5. if you do go with a compressor check out California air, very quiet ans
    long lasting !!!!!!!

  6. Darrell Coquillette

    Awesome update! The new shop is coming along great! You’ll be getting a
    great workout moving all the lumber.

  7. Shop is coming along nicely. As far as projects completed I personally
    would like to them when theyare done. The key is for you to enjoy the
    project and get dkne i. yourown time instead of a tight deadline.

  8. Sorry about typos. It should say get done in your own timeline.

  9. How many HP does your dust collector have?? That’s sweet!!! Off topic where
    do you buy from just curious thank you. Oh do the videos as you finish and
    back them up with these types of videos.

  10. I’ve got the Earlex 5500 and it is an awesome value. Gun is all metal,
    including interior parts. I’ve sprayed a ton of thinned shellac with no
    issues at all. The only thing I can maybe complain about is the hose, but
    it works. Earlex has another hvlp one notch up that looks nice but would be
    a direct competitor with the Fuji semi pro 2, which looks like a great
    machine. If you go with the 5500, be sure to buy the fine finish needle
    right away.

  11. Personally, I would lean toward you posting as they get done, as opposed to
    waiting for a specific day, since it is not every week anyway.

  12. Hopefully you charged enough for that prism table. I would get an all metal
    gun, it’ll last longer and serve you better. Dust collection is a great
    thing. I hooked up my blast gates to microswitches so when I open the blast
    gate, it turns on the dc. Excited to see what’s next.

  13. Bruh, are you ever going to finish that guitar?

  14. the link for Mark Saunders is the same as Gib Clark

  15. I’d like to see content when it’s convenient for you to upload it. I have
    enough fun seeing the completed video after hearing about it on the podcast
    and these updates.

  16. You should release your videos when they are done and edited. Since you’re
    doing a weekly shop update already I would hate to see you rush to get a
    project video done just to hit a deadline.

  17. +Michael Schuler good call man. That’s really good thinking.

  18. +James Kluh haha. That’s super funny.

  19. +Tommy Evans oh damn. Thanks for letting me know.

  20. +Brian Prusa oh man a D.C. System like that would be awesome! Yeah I bought
    the 5500.

  21. +Karl Porter good call man. Thanks.

  22. I know some people say that consistency is the key to growing your
    audience, but to be honest, if you’re doing big projects or wildly varied
    content, just complete it, edit it and put it up when it’s ready. Trying to
    hit a set date could lead to compromises in either project quality or video
    quality. You can always use the chit chat weekly shop update to maintain
    consistency. You can maybe give little progress shots of what’s to come.
    Get a compressor & spray gun. I haven’t heard of denatured alcohol being an
    issue in sprayers. Turps on the other hand I think can ruin plastic seals.
    Keep up the good work.

  23. nice update Brian. could you possibly show a close-up of how you connected
    your duct work to the actual vacuum?

  24. As a video consumer I could care less when they come out, sometimes it’s
    days before I find a convenient time to to sit and watch some videos

  25. +Randall Natomagan this is a very good point. Thanks!

  26. +Opa’s Workshop it’s actually really simple. The opening is 6″ so the 6″
    ducting fit right on it. Just slips on. It’s not even taped.

  27. +Damo Vegan I ended up getting the earlex 5500. Turns out a friend is
    selling one. It has a metal gun. Should be fine. I agree with the videos.
    I’ll just post them as I get them done.

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