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  1. I noticed you had the work sharp 3000, seriously considering it. whats your thoughts and do you sharpin knives also on it? I think theres a extra piece to buy for knives, not sure. and how about chisels too. do you have any advice? thanks for your imput in advance.

  2. Got Wood Workshop

    Matt Dodaro I haven’t sharpened any knives on it at all, just chisels and plane blades. For that I’ve been super impressed with it! Once you get your chisels sharpened the first time touch up resharpenings are super quick and easy, which makes it far more likely that I’ll actually sharpen a chisel as it gets dull haha. I’ve seen the knife attachments for it, but never used it at all. Hope that helps!

  3. absolutely, and thanks again, and the price doesn’t seem to bad when comparing it to a tormek.tnx again big help !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Got Wood Workshop

    Matt Dodaro it’s not quite as versatile as the tormek from an attachment standpoint, but you’re right for the money it’s a nice sharpener! No problem, happy to help when I can!

  5. Wow, your shop has come a long way since last year. Great job.

  6. Got Wood Workshop

    SKiM0510 Thank you, it has! still have a long ways to go!!

  7. Just picked up the CFLUX as well and I’m impressed with it as well. Need to do the ducting for it yet. I did a version of the Jay Bates miter saw station you have on your whiteboard. That Kreg Foreman was a life saver for the 1000’s of holes I did building it. Thanks for sharing your shop turn.

  8. Got Wood Workshop

    For sure, both of those were great purchases! Just watched your mitersaw station build and man am I jealous! One of these days I’ll get around to building one as well! Thanks for watching, you’ve got a new subscriber! 🙂

  9. Where’d u get that tool box??

  10. Got Wood Workshop

    I got it from Home Depot. I believe it was a model they were discontinuing, it was onsale and paid $300 for the top and bottom cabinet

  11. Got Wood Workshop wow what a steal!

  12. the belt should have the tension of an e like on a guitar

  13. That is an UNREAL deal…WOW!

    Seriously…under $1K is a great deal…I’m floored.

  14. On the drill press?

  15. It really was one of my better finds 🙂

  16. Nice shop fella!! 🙂

  17. +ben celiz thank you!

  18. I have watched a lot of shop tours but none come close to your set up. Wow!

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