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This week I'm doing my 5th annual shop tour. This video gives me a chance to show everyone how I organize my workshop and how I use it on a weekly basis. Regular projects will pick back up again on Tuesday!




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  1. First

  2. Felix From Nebraska

    I love the miter saw bench. I think I would have made the shelves pull out drawer type, It would have made it easier for you to get to the back…
    Great shop tour.

  3. cool motorized project

    For the drill press dust colection you can glue a magnet to the hose and install it on the cast iron table

  4. cool motorized project

    You could make a dune buggy/go kart with your welder

  5. Like if he should make the go kart

  6. I would agree with Felix, I would do the shelves on full extension rails so you can access everything in the back.

  7. Go ahead

  8. +Felix From Nebraska Originally I was going to nail them in place, but yes I agree. Making them slide out would’ve been a better idea.

  9. +cool motorized project That’s not a bad idea, thanks for the suggestion!

  10. +cool motorized project That’s exactly what I was picturing in my head haha

  11. +Drew williams Its definitely something I want to do. I love go karts!

  12. When you fist decide to do this kind of work did your family approve of you doing it? I know when I am trying to do something my family just yell at me.

  13. Godwin Oliver O. Delica

    Someon could trip at the pipe that runs towards the miter saw.

  14. Godwin Oliver O. Delica

    Do a Basement tour!

  15. Damm man I didn’t notice you had over 40k subs lol great job! Don’t forget about your day 1 subs lol

  16. +Score Moore Haha I started with just a few small tools and one workbench, but then I just kept expanding more and more. I was always supported, nobody was yelling at me lol

  17. +Godwin Oliver O. Delica It’s been there for months and I’ve never tripped yet. It’s a big pipe to forget about.

  18. +Godwin Oliver O. Delica The only thing in my basement is the x-carve.

  19. +#FIFTYTHREEER I appreciate the day one subs the most!

  20. what is the centre punch called just a spring loaded centre punch?

  21. Jp's Custom Woodworking

    Nice shop tour Eric! Thanks for sharing the video with us.👍 😊 JP

  22. +Jp’s Custom Woodworking Thank you!

  23. Jp's Custom Woodworking

    You’re very welcome 🙂

  24. Thanks for showing the shop. Way more organized than me.

  25. I have the same band saw and would like to see what you can do to fix it up. Keep up the good work!

  26. Michael Galbraith

    if you make that off road go kart, it would be awesome if you a big enough rack or trunk on the back to store some stuff during a off road adventure

  27. For the drill press you could make a similar thing to a microphone arm with a round clamp attaching to it to make it mobile and functional, this could be placed on the bench that the lathe is on

  28. I bought the same Delta tablesaw from Lowes and I agree, the fence is what separates it from the others you mentioned. I do have a suggestion for you that will let you recoup some of your floor space and add some versatility to the saw and that is to turn the right wing into a router table. I have one installed on mine and it not only gives me a lot more flat table space on the end of the tablesaw, but it also frees up my precious garage floor space for other tools. Just a little food for thought. I purchased a Triton plunge router for my table because it has it’s very own table lift system that allows me to make height adjustments to the router from above the table. If you are interested in some photos of my conversion, just let me know.  Cheers.

  29. +Jeff Revell I’d love to see some if you don’t mind sending me a few to my email:

  30. Godwin Oliver O. Delica

    You should make a flip top workstation to accomodate more tools.

  31. Godwin Oliver O. Delica

    Make a farmhouse table!

  32. for your drill press look at the drillnado on amazon I hear it works the best for drill press dust collection. I don’t have one but it does get good reviews. THE DRILLNADO !!!!!!!!!!!!

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