1. nice work. good job. well done.

  2. I’m so jealous! Great job man.

  3. Damn! This is SUCH a nice setup! Clean, organized, and efficient! I’m

  4. Wow!! That swiveling table is ingenious!! Amazing setup!!

  5. Narine Do Brasil Ltda


  6. as do to anchor the rectangular boxes
    and electric pipe

  7. Cool project Man….I’ve been seeing the container going for a lot of$$’
    nowadays. What did you get yours for?

  8. Very nice job…..my wife would love me to have something like this as to
    get all of my junk out the basement LOL

  9. impressive… you must be a machinist…

  10. Great idea, great job. Greetings from Brazil.

  11. Great ideas!Very good work and use of your containers…

  12. Very nice.

  13. Very nice job

  14. Christopher Thiessen

    That’s a sweet workshop. Tidy and well organized. Awesome work!

  15. Is this in Israel?

  16. This 2 container and roof set up is what I want for my house! A bedroom on
    one side and another air conditioned indoor space on the other side. In the
    middle will be kitchen and semi outdoor living space.

  17. I love this idea! Mounting all of the equipment you may need outside onto
    the large door is ingenious!! I may have to follow that design myself, so
    thank you for sharing this video!

  18. Nice work. Thanks for the tour.

  19. Quick question on the hinges. Are those weld on hinges? Did they hold up
    with the additional weight after time went by. Really a great idea.

  20. Great Job Great Ideas Congrats !

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