Shipping Container Workshop

Necessity is the brother of all invention and there’s nothing that we need more than a workshop at the cottage. The biggest challenge is going to be figuring out how to make this massive two-and-a-half ton repurposed shipping container fit into the natural surroundings.

What projects should we make next? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. i think you should spend more time building it, explaining why you chose
    options, evaluate designs

  2. +David Riley its a tv show watch the full episodes

  3. +Ali Cheetham Thanks. Didn’t know they had a TV show. Unfortunately we
    can’t see it in the USA. Do you know if it’s available online?

  4. +SJGINC if you have proxy stuff. or watch it on stream sites. then you
    could watch it online.

  5. +David Riley There are many components to doing a pro job. One place I
    discovered which successfully combines these is the Magic Container Plans
    (google it if you’re interested) definately the most helpful course i’ve
    seen. look at this super website.

  6. how long did this project take??

  7. Make a big dog house

  8. Andrew the comedy creator

    seekrit sana

  9. live edge wooden spiral stairs for the roof top deck

  10. what you should do is build a staircase to get on top of the container…
    that ladder was bs and poor

  11. Kai and jack Blogs/games

    Put a trailer on the the bottom so it can get towed

  12. Wow…and it only took 4 minutes.

  13. While in Iraq I lived in one for a short time. Is the “can” a 20ft or a
    40ft one?

  14. David Riley qqqqqq

  15. How many aerosols did it take to paint it?..

  16. you should build a house

  17. What now floating work shop

  18. That’s a 20. Buy a forty foot HIgh Cube instead since they are within a few
    hundred bucks of each other and the extra height is far better for a shop.
    Check the Sea Box site for cool examples to copy.

  19. Bad choice for black paint, this thing will turn into a oven during summer

  20. Ovais Saand it is under pine trees and pine tree leaves don’t come off
    during fall. They stay on all there life

  21. you should make a tree house next

  22. Build a look-out tower, a tall one!

  23. you should build a lookout tower next.

  24. Silvaraci Designer - USA

    Nicely done!

  25. Great job – how much time did the doors take – all day?

  26. build a giant wooden dildo

  27. You guys should build an ultimate portable BBQ/party trailer.. and make it
    out of the shipping container..

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