1. manoel luiz teixeira

    Excelente mora e garage, demais. maneco – Porto Alegre-RS -Brasil.

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  3. How do you deal with temperature and lack of ventilation?

  4. Pedro Meza – mud also traps heat generated by activity inside the metal box

  5. Joe Soap install ventilation

  6. Shipping containers represent a defeated nation. Lazy workers not keeping up with the times. Desperately holding on to their guns as the financial wars kill them.

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  8. Joe Soap most people at least the ones that can science try to pain them with a ceramic paint use blow foam insulation on the inside and try to put a decent roof on.

    Most aren’t that big tho begin with so a split remote air system typically works good enough.

    One thing I’ve thought of but haven’t seen anyone do yet is all the walls that wind up cut out you can take the corrugated sheet and cut it down to individual corrugations flip it and make a raceway for either wiring or plumbing or for ductwork.

  9. Vu

  10. I own 20 acres of land in northern AZ, and I plan to build a house on it out of shipping containers. I first put an old mobile home on it, but it was no match for the constant rain, and started falling apart. These should last literally forever, in all kinds of weather.

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  12. Love the idea and the music.  Who plays it?  Got any CDs? 

    Could these containers be seal-welded and buried and then stacked to provide extra climate stable storage or emergency living space.  Would they tend to float if not dead-manned (weight/buoyancy factor)?  If they were stacked, the upper layers should provide the weight needed.

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  14. Joe Soap use your imagination

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  16. Maybe. Or Shipping containers represents a mindset that says, “I will no longer be dictated to on how and where to live or to the notion that I must conform to a system who makes it’s citizens commodities in a land that purports to be free but isn’t. But rather uses the occupants making each one a corporation (Birth Certificate) within a bigger corporation (Corporation of the United States) that gets to feed and suck the blood and ‘marrow’ from their bones.

    You have no mortgage (which means death anyway), not light or phone bills and you get to get back to living the way you’re supposed to. Natural with the Earth.

    You these young punks laughing at the Africans condemning them calling them backwards because some natural groups live in huts or homes made from the soil, mud, clay. Yet, it appears that those same methods are being expressed and shared here with this kind of living. So the lesson is do what the ancient peoples have done for a while now. Shut your friggin’ mouths and learn something.

    In rural Africa you call them ‘mud huts’ but in America you call them Earth Homes? Looking at ‘those’ people you say they are ‘backwards’ but here they are innovative, ‘off the grid’ survivors? lol Yeah, okay. Whatever language you feel most comfortable with, huh? Okay so just do it and learn to understand more, huh? Thank you and good day.

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  19. Wait, where in Northern Arizona gets constant rain? I’m in Las Vegas, and we only see rain about 5-6 times a year.

  20. whats up w that stupid music?

  21. Las Vegas is not northern Arizona, now, is it???

  22. Have you seen a map… It’s north of Arizona. All the way along the Colorado River, and to the east towards Utah. There would be very similar weather patterns, unless he’s talking about the north eastern corner of Arizona. But precipitation is pretty much similar through out the south west.

  23. I have spent months studying constructing shiping container houses and found an awesome website at Magic Container Plans (google it if you are interested)

  24. all my mobile sites have 8 to ten, Inc the lab, offices, ablutions, kitchen, accommodation & control cabin, legos in steel…

  25. Gerald Scott I just bought land in northern AZ as well. Wondering if these would be a good starting point for something my fiance, son and myself could live in and be proud of.

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  28. Duke That Imagination’s one thing. Most D-Bags don’t have any skills or work experience to do anything.

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  33. I’m a little upset because I thought it was going to be Lean on me at the beginning.

  34. Beautifully designed home

  35. Then make your own vid and put your euro trash electric pop to it jackass!

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