Shaving Horse

A shaving horse is something I've wanted to build for a long time. Using some old timbers I found in the barn, I built this shave horse in a couple hours. So you're probably asking what is this thing for? A shaving bench is a device with a foot actuated clamp that hold the wood piece your working on. This is especially useful when using a drawknife. Stay tuned for part 2.

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  1. hey so I’m pretty tuned right now, and yet part 2 isn’t out. I’ve been tuned for about 2-3 years now

  2. +Drut agem ikr

  3. I was expecting a horse to be shaved. I am disappointed.

  4. what no deep frame coping saw?

  5. TBH, I have no fucking clue what the hell you made.

  6. I don`t even know for what it is used!
    It is for shaving what?

  7. I think it is used for shaving the vagina of his mother,or something like that.

  8. let us in on the big secret! what f is it?!?

  9. It’s not called at deep frame coping saw its called a fret saw

  10. Sorry, Sean. It is a deep frame coping saw. Fret saw is just that, a saw for forming fret grooves (later wired: fretted) in the neck of a stringed instrument.

    Kinda missed a shaved horse myself.

  11. Maybe a flea.

  12. +Pinatubo
    Fleas have beards?

  13. 02:22 Why didn’t you put wedges on the legs’ part that pin into the bench so tighten them good for ever ?…
    Nice job. Thanks for posting.

  14. Well made +++++

  15. If you draw the the knife at an angle you will shear the wood instead of scraping it. Makes it much easier to use the drw knife and you use the entire blade instead of just the center.

  16. Where is part 2?

  17. Droumreague

  18. of course.

  19. Pistolj za pasom a stolar 😂😂

  20. Herondontu Oliveira

    qual é a finalidade disso mesmo,pra que serve

  21. You all got it wrong. He puts his shaved wife on it to to teach his horse how to whittle the dickens out of a wooden philly.

  22. Amazing video Cody!

  23. Mark Nathan Tamayo

    Michael Gibbons i was also suspecting a horse to be shaved

  24. THAT is one of the great WranglerStar mysteries. 🙂

  25. It’s called a shaving horse. It’s meant to clamp work tightly while you use a draw knife to work the wood into the desired shape. Search YouTube for “draw horse” or “shaving horse” and you’ll find many other examples. Cody never finished this project for some reason, so those can show you the rest of the story.

  26. Cool stuff. Saw one on my Dads old homeplace when I was a kid. Never know what it was till I saw Roy Underhill use one on the wood wrights shop on PBS

  27. Did you ever finish the shave horse? I didn’t see any work-holding device. looks good so far though.

  28. look at all those termite tunnels

  29. Part 2 ??

  30. Andrew Delashaw

    You haven’t been wearing your pistol in a while… too many people bitching about guns?

  31. He’s given up and started to build a new one…

  32. crazy to see the difference from this video to your new shave horse lol

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