Shave Horse – Measurements and Design

This film provides the key measurements for you to make your own shave horse for green woodworking, and similar craft. The shave horse is essentially a powerful foot operated vice, and you can see me using one in a number of other videos on this channel. Its easy to make a shavehorse, and with these dimensions, you should have success.


  1. Siegurd Bushcraft Outdoor Adventure

    Thank you Harry, this will help me making one!

  2. thanks for the centimeters

  3. Working on building the Boggs Shave Horse… Awesome design….!!!

  4. Very useful, I plan on making one soon and this will save me some thinking!  Thanks Harry.

  5. Thank you Mr. Rogers…been wanting to try my hand at it and by you taking the time sharing the measurements makes it much more a project I look forward to.

  6. Just bought a old draw knife gonna try my hand at building one now thanks for the start

  7. Does the shave horse stay out in the weather?

  8. Thanks Harry that was very useful !

  9. To make shave horse legs you need a shave horse!

  10. Great, practical video! Thanks for putting this on youtube!

  11. +Gary Quernemoen Thanks.

  12. Thank you for the very good description and the measurements. I am planing to build one by myself so your Video is very useful to me!

  13. the shaving horse is a 500 year old tool! Thanks!

  14. Exactly…this is the delightful woodworkers conundrum!

  15. Harry: wonderful notion to provide the dim.s for us. To each his own, as you say, but makes the business of getting timbers and rough stock much easier. You’ve inspired me!

  16. +Gregory Cope Thats great Gregory – thanks.

  17. Thanks for the video. Helpfull, and a Gregory said, great that you gave us the dim’s

  18. Just what I needed and wanted to know, thanks a lot! Cheers from Finland!

  19. Hi Harry….Don from Canada here…I stumbled onto ur channel by surfing and I must say I quite like it….I subscribed and look forward to going thru the rest of ur videos….I liked the one of turning the piece of spring into a spoon gouge….very cool…so thanx again and hope to see more vids…..Take care.

  20. Thanks Don

  21. Great work! Many compliments!!!

  22. Great video thanks from Gansbaai South Africa

  23. Thanks for your video, I plan on making my own shave horse to carve a bow for hunting. Thanks again.

  24. Everett Paquin Sounds good I hope it goes well

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