Secret Knock detecting Entrance to my garage / workshop

This is (what I think is) a great example of the kind of fun, inspiring projects that come out of communities like Make, BoingBoing, and the DIY nerd world in general. I combined Chris Schaie's beautiful Mechanical Iris, Steve Hoefer's Secret Knock detecting Arduino code, and an engraving made with my scratch-built CNC-Router to make the entrance to my garage/workshop/lab a bit more special. These people all inspire the hell out of me, and I just want to feed a little bit of that back to the source.

A short video of programming in a new knock:


  1. Рамиль Сабиров

    Это из фильма “Пила” ? ))))

  2. probably is in the other hand LOL

  3. Speak friend and enter :D

  4. Modern Latin?

  5. ain’t need to knock, some body just walk by and take the “thing” and the
    door opens.

  6. Cool concept but we know your secret knock now 

  7. Where did you get your sheet brass?

  8. Ask, and it shall be given you: seek, and you shall find: knock, and it
    shall be opened unto you Matthew 7:7

  9. you are my hero.

  10. No, the camera is in the other hand.

  11. Go pro, friend, etc…

  12. what’s in the garage a prius?

  13. But now it isnt sercret anymore =D

  14. Making me smile…



  16. Straight out of Myst. Love it .

  17. niceeeee man

  18. I don’t even recognize it as something coming out of Myst, but still Myst
    was the first thing that came to mind when I saw this :P.

  19. Milky Way Laniakea Superclusterite

    That’s a cool iris alright, but do you really have the door motor connected
    to a piezoelectric device that recognizes your “secret” knock? Cos THAT is
    what I would like to learn how to make. You could sell the units ready to
    program and install…

  20. I FAPPED.

  21. I can use a zoom-sniper mic from 200ft away pick your knock and later open
    ur garage. Yet its an awesome work..using steampunk iris does all the

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