1. It is so Nixe !

  2. Оригинальный процесс изготовления. Без токарного станка. Лайк!

  3. Turbo Conquering Mega Eagle

    Could do with being a bit more robust, check out our indestructible mug
    made from steel, chain and a spark plug

  4. I love the idea but sadly I do not have a scroll saw so I am thinking about
    trying to make one using hole saws. I think I can cut the outside diameter
    1st then chuck it up in a vice to cut the inside diameter. The bottom can
    be cut with a bandsaw or even jig saw. Thanks for sharing this, such a
    simple idea that I never thought of before watching your video. Cheers!

  5. tiene los planos para imprimir?

  6. The Music is supper. However, i think I sence a drawback in your design.
    The bottom plate is at the mercy of the glue! Doesnt make me very confident
    in usimg the mug for tea or coffee. Good work though, and good music

  7. Nice stuff!! How long do you finish one mug?

  8. hugo alfonso muñoz salcedo

    estás ilustraciones son maravillosas gracias.

  9. what wooden you use

  10. Marcelo Eduardo Castro

    how made a gay mug

  11. Jonnathan Rodriguez

    hello fabian am very nice cup that use oil to seal the inside so that the
    liquid does not come out in advance thank you very much

  12. Acho que ele nunca ouviu falar em serra de copo.

  13. Can´t I make it using a cup saw? Do I NEED a hacksaw?

  14. Watch the video till the end.

  15. The ones from Mother Nature.

  16. Fabian's Tiny Workshop

    I think you can. I used a scroll saw because I like working with the scroll

  17. Where did you get the template from so we can make one

  18. I can get the pattern for the Scroll Saw Mug?
    what tip of wood did you use?

  19. Fabian's Tiny Workshop

    You can find a pattern in the “free pattern catalog” at

  20. I think this mug will be more attractive if we attach a handle made from
    wood blocks like the main body.

  21. ok thank you
    what tip of wood did you use?

  22. Fabian's Tiny Workshop

    It’s beech wood.

  23. Parabéns. lindo trabalho

  24. Fabian's Tiny Workshop

    Thank you!

  25. Where can I get the template?

  26. Fabian's Tiny Workshop

    I don’t have it anymore but you can find an even nicer pattern at
    http://www.scrollsawworkshop.blogspot.com in the “free pattern catalog”.

  27. David Waegele you can cut the bottom with your large hole saw.

  28. Awesome video and a great idea! Do you mind if I ask the grit of drum
    sander and flap sander you used on the drill press?

  29. Fabian's Tiny Workshop

    Thank you! It was 80 grit.

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