Screwdriver Organization Ideas – Workshop Organization Ideas

Tool Storage Ideas For Your Workshop! Here is my Custom Screwdriver
shelf for my Hanging Tool Cabinet. It's a quick and easy project to help organize your tools. Get Organized With Rob!

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  1. Great stuff Rob.

  2. Rob's Garage Woodworking

    Hey, Thanks!

  3. Nice! Do you lend out your tools? I bet not!!! Anyone that is that proud
    and organized would hate to loose a tool. (wait, I just described myself)
    Nice job!!

  4. Rob's Garage Woodworking

    I do and yes that has happened! Thanks for the complement!

  5. can you please tell or show me how you mount the wood on your pegboard?

  6. Rob's Garage Woodworking

    I mounted the 2×4 to the hanging tool cabinet with brass shelf brackets.
    The pegboard is part of the tool cabinet. The 2×4 screwdriver shelf
    brackets are put into pre-drilled shelf holes in the frame of the cabinet.
    The hanging tool cabinet is from shop notes magazine. If you have
    pegboard up already you can use “L” hooks and chamfer the top of the back
    edge of the 2×4. You will have to look up this up on the shop notes site
    as I really can’t explain it. I will see if I have a video which shows it
    and paste a link…

  7. Rob's Garage Woodworking

    Sorry I could’t find anything. They are “L bend screw hooks” and you can
    mount those into pegboard. Look for shop notes magazine for further info.
    I will be making a video about it “sometime” but I don’t have one right
    now. Alternatively you could screw from the back of the pegboard into the
    shelf but you should use a washer on the screw head for support so it
    doesn’t pull trough the pegboard. Good Luck!

  8. I did something similar but in addition I countersunk the handles about
    1/4″ then ran it through the saw to cut slots so that the drivers can be
    removed without lifting them up.

  9. that is cool

  10. Rob's Garage Woodworking

    +Philip Hoad – Thanks Phil!

  11. If you have tool moochers, get a tool box and fill it with cheap dollar
    store tools and when they want to borrow a tool get the tool out of the
    made in china box.

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