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Scrap Wood Projects- I have truly enjoyed the scrape wood challenge videos that were published today. They are some excellent projects and truly show the talent and creativity of the woodworkers here on you tube. Lots of fun to watch and be inspired. Check them out. Scrap Bin Challenge Participants:

April Wilkerson –
Steve Carmichael –
Peter Brown –
John Heisz –
Fr. Thomas Bailey –
Dominic Bender –
Manhattan Wood Project –
Arzensek Andrea –
Steve French –
Jason Rausch –
AdventuresInDIY –
Fabian's Tiny Workshop –
Nick Ferry –
Richard Morley –
Patrick's Work Shop –
Darbin Orvar –
Rock-n H Woodshop –
Carl Jacobson –
The Nomadic Polywright Show –
McGinn's WoodShop –
Jack Houweling –
Mike Fulton –
Ted Alexander –
Average Joes –



  1. Hey Chris,  I like that box.

  2. Wood 'n' Stuff w/ Steve French

    Oh, and I meant to comment on how cool that box looks: Awesome!

  3. +Ted Alexander Thank you!

  4. Woodworking With Tylor

    Love the idea of making boards of contrasting wood scraps.  Looks really nice Chris and I can’t wait to see more.

  5. +Woodworking With Tylor You are kind!  Thanks! 

  6. +Steve French Thanks Steve! 

  7. Thanks for joining in on the scrap bin challenge Chris.  I don’t think we had any rules except to post a scrap video…so I think you just participated!  I need to make some of those cool boxes.

  8. +Steve Carmichael Thanks! 

  9. That’s a beautiful box and a good tip about the lid.

  10. Hope all is well Chris mate ,looking forward to more for you vids .take care God bless

  11. Add to the list, gluing up scraps, such a simple and useful solution.

  12. +Mike Marshall Thankyou! All is well just full! 

  13. +Darbin Orvar Thanks  Linn!

  14. Beautiful box Chris, I’m so glad you join the challenge!

  15.  Thanks so much April!  You all are a hoot to be associated with!.  Genuine, sincere and just plain good folks!   Where you going to put your owls?

  16. You’re such a great speaker Chris. Great boxes as well. 

  17. I hope all is well Chris,
     Great use of your scraps, Beautiful box.

  18. Very sharp looking box Chris! I’ve added you to my list. Thanks for joining in!

  19. Thanks for the inspiration Chris, I have some scraps and now I know what to do with them😛

  20. +Carl Jacobson  Thanks!  All is fine just really busy! 

  21. +Bill Neupert Thank you! 

  22. +Peter Brown Thank you!

  23. I like the scrap wood made box, great idea. I hope all is well with you and the bumps in the road smooth out for you soon.

  24. Thanks Chris. Simple, but very useful.

    Myrtle Creek, OR

  25. +Belikeiam Ivers  Thanks a lot! 

  26. Love your idea for scraps. Gluing up to make a wider board is a great idea. It was a “duh” moment for me. Love the box idea as well. I am a “wood rescuer” so I have lots and lots of scraps. It’s great to have ideas to use up those scraps and even better when it’s a project you can do in a couple of hours. Thanks for sharing.

  27. +Angie Overton   Thank you! 

  28. Hi Chris – I’m going to be in the Denver area for more than 3 weeks over the holidays. Do you know if any open woodshops or workshops where I could escape the in-laws from time to time? No luck do far searching for Maker spaces or Hacker Spaces. Thanks, Brian

  29. +Brian Mathey No, I really don’t know. Sorry! Did you look on…. I don’t know if they have maker spaces but I know there are maker groups on there. 

  30. Hi Chris – thanks for the info! Best regards.

  31. +Angie Overton

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  34. Wow! If this is what you can do with scraps, I cannot wait to see what you can do with … non-scraps. I was looking for ideas to use the scrap wood from my basement remodel when I came across this video. Wow. Just. WOW! I’m a new fan.

  35. VERY GOOD ! thank you for this vid.

  36. +Ronald Whitler Thanks for watching

  37. No offence but your name anagrams out to Rich Penis
    but its still a great vid

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  39. that looks like a domino box 🙂

  40. Sure! Why not? Thanks for watching!

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