1. Awesome video mate straight to the business! Oldschool watch & learn stuff 🙂 No annoying drawn out speeches etc :l Cheers

  2. christopher dustin

    Great use of scraps.  don’t throw it away or burn it unless you have to.

  3. Put some sugar water in the water bottle and a few drops of dish soap, you will catch yellow jackets and hornets.

  4. my brother recommended *TopFineWoodworking .Com* for the best woodworking plans and I couldnt agree more after getting it. Tons of amazing plans for sheds in there……..

  5. This wasn’t supposed to be for fine quality, time consuming art wood projects for those complaining. It was a quick display of some projects that scrap wood could be used for. And it did it’s job. Nice video.

  6. Crippling Depression

    nice forehead

  7. Harper Pokemonerd3000

    i might make that tabel for winter crafting

  8. Ive got a bunch I mean a bunch of scrap wood, wanted to make several things but not alot of experience so needed very simple. I love the table, Ive got 8-4×4 4ft so I plan to try to make 2 of those tables. I would love to know how to make just simple plant stands to lift my patio plants up off the patio…I have dogs and one male ugh! you know they like to hike. I have a drill, hand saw, tape measure but no table saw …not alot of hand wrist strength but think I can do these. Thanks

  9. get rid of the music.

  10. Talmud
    Scrap builds scraps for the idiots with a scraping brain.

  11. awesome video dude

  12. Hey Bob…love your video. Great stuff. I’m curious about the background music you use? Who is that and/or where did it come from?

  13. Do you realize you squared off the ends of the 4×4 and then measured and cut from the other end?

  14. Old Man from Scene Twenty Four

    Sorry dude but you remind me of Larry from the Bob Newhart Show (Larry, Darryl, and Darryl.)

  15. Harper Pokemonerd3000 A tabel for crafting is a great idea! I love tabels! I use tabels ALL the time but have never built my own tabel. Soon this video sample of a tabel build will help me build my first TABEL!!!

  16. You might want to look again. I know the video is kind of fast, but watch his hands. Took me a few replays but you can see that he did flip them over before me measured and cut them.

  17. bees are going extinct and this idiot is building bee traps, all that forehead and no brain!!!!!

  18. Hello, what wood did you use for this project?

  19. It’s pressure treated pine that was left over from a deck that I built.

  20. Making Stuff Oh okay, thank you

  21. well obviously someone had to come up with the idea of what to do with the constant scraps of wood we generate. great video and nice Job. consider me a subscriber.

  22. that’s all you could think to say “nice forehead” look in the mirror you “BELL END”

  23. Crippling Depression

    Michael Parle lol someones mad. thats not me it a youtuber called idubbbz

  24. good usefull projects from scrap.

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  26. noctanol there is a difference between the honey bee, which is the one with problems, and carpenter bees that he was trying to trap.
    one is needed for the pollination of our food, the other a bothersome pest.
    just sayin.

  27. Did you need pilot holes for your table?

  28. Should build a trash can to toss that junk you made in.

  29. Nope

  30. This site will show you some great woodworking plans: HootWood. com

  31. This site will show you some great woodworking plans: HootWood. com

  32. This site will show you some great woodworking plans: HootWood. com

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