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RWW 164 Shave Pony

RWW 164 Shave Pony from The Renaissance Woodworker. Like this? Watch more episodes of The Renaissance Woodworker on my web site at

I have wanted to build a shave horse for some time but I just cannot justify the space it would occupy in my small shop. So a compromise is in order that I call the shave pony. This is basically a bench top shaving horse.
This will be a great stop gap solution until I can make a more complete shave horse.

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  1. Thank you for sharing!
    It’s surprising to our modern eyes what can be done with hand tools…

  2. It’s a pleasure watching you work; inspirational.
    May well give this a go 🙂

  3. I had to sub tanks

  4. Why is that upper jaw that long?
    It seems like it´s getting in the way of your draw knife.
    And the jaw underneath does not give as much support as if it would reach longer out compared to the upper jaw.

  5. That was one of the first changes I made to it.  I cut it off just past the peg hole.

  6. That’s pretty cool.  It doesn’t look like you really need the angled top.  I think I’d use a 3×6 for the bottom board and forego the angled part.  You could also countersink a carriage bolt in the bottom board that would go thru a holdfast hole in the bench top.  Put the pony on the bench with the bolt going thru the hole and thread on a wing nut to hold it in place.  I’d attach a short board on the bottom of the bottom board where it starts to project past the bench top.  That would keep the pony from shifting sideways.

  7. Another way to make square stock round is to first draw the correct size circle at either end then, use a pipe clamp or other clamp long enough to hold both ends, clamp the pipe in your vise and plane your stock into an octagon. This works very quickly.

  8. you seem to work better with hand tools rather then power tools  good for you  nice video thanx  len

  9. Cool! I love your springpole lathe design… 🙂

  10. Thanks though I can hardly call it “my design”.  It has been made popular lately by Roy Underhill and he derived it from an 18th century French design by Hulot.

  11. try a rounded spoke shave…it’s what the thing was named and made for.

  12. Cool! I love your spring pole lathe design. How much is your design?

  13. Cool design. I think I would make the upper jaw static though like a tradition shave horse and then just make the whole leg assembly moveable. I don’t like the “teetering” in the upper jaw. Seems to work but just looks strange to me. Thanks for sharing the design and work. Well done!

  14. 4:11 _”… the ramp part…”_

    made me think: “O’er the ramp parts we watched, were so gallantly streaming?”

  15. Interesting to see a new brace in use, mine was my grandfather’s, circa 1930, it has a certain ‘patina’ of use, honest it’s not rust….

  16. This should have way more views. It’s very good.

  17. Awesome video.mate was just thinking may be work out a way to fix it ot the end of the lathe .be a good to in one tool 😊 ps your wooden square is a work of art nice job man

  18. Creative wood worker

    I like the spring pole design as well.

  19. might be easier to drill out the hole in the clamp piece if it was thicker stock. nice thing about these shavehorse/pony designs, they can be modified for various projects

  20. You were correct, you didn’t invent it but did perfect it. Nice job,it’s on my next shop project list.

  21. Gute Idee, nice or better to say : praktisch ! But I like to have a stool with backrest, ist`s with a higher place up to press with a clamp something.

  22. Thanks for putting up the video, I really enjoyed it, all be it 3 1/2 years after the fact.
    I did not realise until I was watching you use the shave pony that you have dramatically increased the rigidity of the whole by incorporating a triangle between the bed and the base board. Timber that I initially thought was very light for the job is made strong by the design. The only thing that might make it easier to adjust would be a second row of holes at half way positions giving you 10 height adjustments rather than the 5 you have at present.
    All the best.

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