1. how do you keep it so steady?

  2. Hey what kind of bits are you using ? Awesome be work!

  3. That looks great. I have done a couple signs myself, but haven’t done names.

  4. I usually use a 1/4″ core box for the outlining. For the more detailed work, I’ll switch over to a 45/15 degree veining bit.

  5. What an excellent video… just what I was looking for! Thanks for taking the time to share! 😀

  6. Awesome,,what router bits that u use for this project?

  7. Great explanation. Now I’m ready. I guess this video isn’t meant for beginners. Sucks for me, huh?

  8. great video!
    what is the name of that song?

  9. “Hello” by Derek Clegg

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