Router 101: Router basics for absolute, total beginning woodworkers.

An introduction to the woodworking router. The router is probably the second most important power tool for a woodworking shop. In this video, I'll go over the basics and get you up to speed quickly. After watching this video, see part 2: Your first router project:

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  1. I wanna see if there’s any videos on how to use it on plastics like the
    ones they use for car speaker adapter brackets.

  2. Thanks, very informative video.

  3. Luis F. De Aguiar

    Very thanks for this video!

  4. Pretty much the same as with hardwood. Your lungs will punish you (maybe
    years later) if you don’t have good ventilation and maybe a fan to blow
    away the plastic dust and any fumes. Breathing wood dust is not healthy
    either, come to think of it.

  5. You seem like a chill bloke = Subscribed

  6. I’m car audio tech and every so often I’ll have to build a box or make
    something out of wood and while we have a decent woodshop, I don’t really
    know how to use any of the tools. Not very good at least. I can cut
    straight enough with a jigsaw but I have no experience with routers or any
    specialty tools. Never took a woodshop class so your videos will be good
    guidance. I just want to learn how to make my stuff prettier. I feel bad if
    people are paying good money for something and I don’t even know what I’m

  7. Steve so glad I found your postings! I want to learn how to use a router
    and I think with your videos I can accomplish that. •.¸(¯`’•.¸(¯`’•.¸ THANK
    YOU ¸.🌟🌟😊🌟🌟•.¸(¯`’•.¸(¯`’•.¸ I bought a 72 piece set of bits!

  8. Very useful, thank you

  9. Thanks Steve I have recently been getting back into woodworking and I think
    this video will help me a lot.

  10. So I scored a router and table setup (craftsman)from a friend for a a cheap
    price but it has been 20 years since high school wood shop and I rarely
    used it anyway. I have been watching our videos for a couple months. I
    searched the internet trying to figure everything out and kept getting
    different views. So glad I found someone who knew what I needed and how to
    put it in a concise video after all I am not trying to router in space!

  11. Thank you – I found this very helpful and I like your enthusiasm.

  12. If you were beginning wood working again, and you could choose one router
    to be usable for about anything, such as putting in your own table, or
    using it free hand routing, what type of router would you choose. I don’t
    neccesarily need brand names or anything like that, I just would like to
    know what would be a good all purpose router to buy as my first router so I
    can play around with making my own table and routing all kinds of things.

    BTW, totally love your channel, I watch it all the time, your humor is
    great, even your commercials are fun to watch.

  13. aradetchemist aradet

    good show pleas ….. show us more of bits router usage

  14. Can someone make a video out of just the parts where he said router? I
    think it will be hilarious!. Great video by the way subscribed

  15. this is by far the best beginner explanation I’ve listened to since I first
    got interested in carpentry.
    thank you very much.

  16. I have the same router and a plug-in for the table. The switch doesn’t
    operate the on/off. Only when I put a clamp on the power button on the
    handle will the (table switch) work. Anyone know what to do in this case?

  17. lol, raper…. nc info

  18. Your router is the type that uses what I called “trigger button” for power.
    It is mainly for hands on job. For router table it is ideally use with a
    router with just on off button. In your case, clamping your “trigger
    button” is the only way or see if it have a bypass (I never know one that
    have a bypass, but who knows) so it is in on even when the trigger is not
    press. I hope this help.

  19. Get a fisheye lens. It will make your videos even craaaaazier.

  20. How much routers would a router route if a router could route routes?

    Good video mate! :)

  21. excellent tutorial

  22. Fantastic video. Thanks very much for putting it out there.

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